Meet Memphis

Memphis's Birth Story

About a week before my due date, I decided that I wanted to get induced on Wednesday, January 21st, if our little man didn't want to come any earlier. I had been worried about his size most of the pregnancy (because I have big babies) and decided I didn't want to go past my due date. So, I talked with my midwife and my friend, Courtney, (who is a Labor and Delivery nurse at the hospital I delivered at) and together we picked the 21st. Courtney would be working that day, and one of my favorite midwifes, Elizabeth, would be there.

My parents, who are the best, flew in about a week before my due date (just in case), so everything was set at home and with the kids. On Wednesday, January 21, we checked into Northside Hospital around 9:30AM.

Things were really slow at first. I felt like it took longer than I was used to to check us in and get us to a room. Then, once in the room, our nurse was a bit . . . slow and impersonal. Her first question, "So, why are you here?" I tried to be nice as I said, "To have a baby?!" (Really? Why am I here?) Anyways, I changed into my gown and then answered about 100 questions about me, my history, my health, and anything else they wanted to know. After answering all the questions, our nurse left and said she would be "right back" to put in the IV and to get things going.

Getting Settled

Over an hour later we were still sitting there . . . no one had come back. I am not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed at this point. I couldn't believe that no one had come back. I wanted to have this baby today and we still weren't getting any closer.

Around 10:50AM my midwife, Elizabeth, came in. This was actually my first time meeting her. Courtney had assured me she was great though, so I wasn't nervous. I had also been warned that my delivery experience at Northside would not be like my previous births in Utah. Apparently they are very busy and the midwives don't have the time to spend as much one-on-one time with all their patients. Well, today was my lucky day. Due to a few unplanned c-sections, my midwife, Elizabeth, only had me and one other lady, who delivered within a few hours of me arriving. I was her only patient, which was a dream!

When Elizabeth came to meet us around 11, she spent over 40 minutes talking to us, joking with us, and just getting to know us (and us getting to know her). It was awesome. Shortly after she left to go check on her other patient, Courtney arrived and took over as my nurse! Hooray! As soon as she got there she got things going. She was shocked that nothing had been taken care of yet and that I didn't even have an IV in. Come to find out later, there was an emergency and my nurses were needed elsewhere. Which I was totally ok with. It was nice to have an inside scoop on things though to help me not be so annoyed with the hospital:)

Anyways, Courtney arrived around 11:40AM and things started to happen. We got the IV in. Around noon, Elizabeth came in and broke my water. We decided to wait an hour to see if my body would start going into labor on its own, but nothing happened. So around 1PM we started the pitocin. I decided to start out slow because I wasn't totally sure about getting an epidural. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. Around 3PM my mom and sister, Lindsey, arrived. Lindsey was our photographer for the day! Well to one ones surprise, as soon as the labor pains started to get rough I decided I wanted the epidural. So 4 minutes later, literally, it happened. (The perks of having Courtney's Dad as my anesthesiologist:)) It was uncomfortable, but not to bad.

Unfortunately it didn't really do much. After about 20 minutes I still was feeling the pains and they were still escalating. I didn't feel like I had any relief. My left leg was tingling, which meant it was working, but the pains were all still there. After about an hour and lots more drugs, I was finally pain free. The "downside"? I was completely numb from my stomach down. I couldn't even lift my own legs up. At this point I was about 5 cm dilated.

Now that I was relaxed, I took a little "nap". I was told that when it was time to push I would feel lots of pressure. I would know it was time even though I was numb. Well as I lay there I felt pressure, but it was light and would come and go and didn't last long. About 45 minutes later, Courtney came to check on me. It didn't much effort for her to see the it was baby time. Apparently his head was right there. So, within minutes, Elizabeth was back, the room was prepped, and it was time to push.

Since I was pretty much completely numb, we tried to go slowly. Elizabeth would tell me when to push and I would try my best to not push to hard (it is trickier then you think when you can't really feel yourself pushing). At one point she told me to "stop being a show off" and to tried to not push that hard. At this point I started laughing and the baby kept coming. (I literally was laughing the baby out). At 5:56PM Memphis was born. It was a very different delivery from my last. The actual delivery was literally pain free, stitches and all. I am not going to lie, it was quite nice.

Our little man

Getting cleaned up a bit

9lbs 9oz

Elizabeth and Courtney: my dream team:)

Taking a picture to send to family and friends

His welcoming party (ok Kenny came after)

His first bath

Ready to head up to our room

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