Meeting Baby Brother

 On the morning of the 22nd, my parents brought Jada and Tucker to the hospital to meet their baby brother. This was hands down one of my favorite family memories. It was the sweetest thing. Both Jada and Tucker were so excited to see and hold their baby Memphis. Their sweetness and love brought tears to my eyes. Pure joy! The pictures show it all. Thanks Lindsey for coming and taking pictures for us again, I am so glad you did, and so glad you were able to capture this moment.

 Our family of 5!

Checking out their brother

Memphis with his Poppi (my dad and his namesake)

While I was feeding the baby, Michael, my parents, and the  kids went for a walk to see the other babies in the nursery. While they were looking in, one of the nurses asked Tucker if he was a big brother and if his brother was Memphis, to which he reply, "No, it's BABY Memphis!"

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