Memphis's 2nd Month

I seriously can not believe how fast this kid is growing. Not only did he come into this world as a big baby, he is continuing to grow faster than either of our other children. At his 2 month check up his doctor informed me that he is the size of the average 6 month old. 6 MONTH OLD! How crazy is that. He is so long that he literally is off the charts. He is longer than 100% of babies his age. He isn't fat and full of rolls, but is just so long and weights proportionally. Where did my baby go!

Memphis has been the biggest blessing. He is such a sweet and easy baby. If someone promised me that all my children would be like him I think I would have at least 10. We sure are in love with you, Memphis. I hope you are always so sweet and easy going.

As of March 21st, 2015, Memphis . . .
* weights 15 pounds 4 ounces (Ok, this was as of last Friday, April 4th, when we had his 2 month check up which was really more like a 2.5 month check up) 90th percentile
* is 26.25 inches long, over the 100 percentile, no joke
* is already in 3-6 month clothing
* smiles all the time, especially during the hour or so after he wakes up in the morning and when he sees daddy when he comes home from work
* is an amazing sleeper! he never had issues with day/night confusion and has always slept during the night, only waking up to eat. He has even been giving me 4-5 hours at night without feeding. He will fall asleep around 9 and wont wake up until about 2am to eat.
* enjoys the occasional time on his playmat
* is sleeping in his own room and crib all night long
* still is asleep more during the day than awake
* has started "talking" and "cooing" back at us
* will stick his tongue out at you if you stick yours out at him
* takes a bottle like a champ!
* got to be fed by Jada and Tucker from a bottle, which they loved
* takes his binkie still! Hooray!
* got babysat by my sister Lindsey and her husband Kenny while Michael and I went to a party (This was the first time I have left a baby that young with a babysitter. Hooray for taking a bottle once again!)
* got a new standing swing and loves it
* loves his little vibrating bouncer
* is the cutest kid ever
* got to have his Gramma J come visit and help take care of him for a week
* is still easy to sooth and cries very little
* likes to be carried in the Baby Bjorn which has been perfect for going shopping with all 3. It has been a life saver!
* is tracking and looking at people when they talk to him or walk past
* likes to be outside
* experienced his first snow
* is hands down the cutest little guy I know!

First time taking a bottle

First time feeding the baby

As you can tell, Tucker is pretty proud and excited to get to hold Memphis during church

At his 2.5 month check up

My boys

Going out to eat at Blue Moon Pizza with Lindsey and Kenny

His new swing . . . YES I will be recovering it:)

Wearing his first outfit in size 3-6 months

I left Memphis home with Michael while I went out and came home to find him like this . . . 

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