Easter Fun 2015

Instead of having one REALLY long post with tons of pictures I decided to break it up. First up, the PRE-Easter festivities.

A week before Easter we took the kids to a local shopping center's Easter Egg Hunt. It was surprisingly freezing, so we didn't stay as long as we had planned. But, the kids did get to make sand filled egg necklaces, see the "Easter Bunny", take part in an Easter Egg Hunt, and got Chick-fil-a to top it off (which was used as bribery for leaving after waiting over an hour in the face painting line and still having another 30 minutes to go). They had a great time.

P.S. I forgot their baskets for the hunt . . . my bad.

Then instead of preschool, one of the mom's planned an egg hunt and invited all the kids in the ward to join. We had quite the turn out. Jada and Tucker loved making their marshmallow bunnies, coloring, eating lots of yummy snacks, decorating a foam egg with sticks, and best of all, the egg hunt. It was fun to have such a large group!

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