Finding Baskets and Eggs

Growing up we always did Easter baskets and egg hunts on the Saturday morning before Easter Sunday. That way, we were able to focus on Jesus and the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. I always liked that, so that is what we do at our house.

On Saturday morning the kids were so excited to go find their baskets. Jada was pretty quick to find Memphis's and Tucker's for them. It took her a little longer to find her own. But when she did she was VERY excited. (Tucker takes a little while to wake up in the mornings and from his naps. I don't think he was quite ready to look for his basket when Jada already found it.)

After they found their baskets, they took some time to check out what they got and played a bit before remembering that they still had eggs to find out in the yard. Tucker was pretty excited about his "lightsaber" flashlight!

After the excitement of the baskets wore off a little, we headed out back. They were pretty excited to find that some of the eggs they colored had faces!

 Checkin out their goodies

 The kids loved the faces on the eggs. I will have to remember that for next year.

Jada, Tucker, and Memphis with their Easter baskets

One of their favorite surprises from the bunny was their bubble guns. They had tons of fun playing with them Saturday morning. Michael and I wished the Easter bunny had brought us one too so that we could join in on the fun.

Easter outfits from Gramma J

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