Memphis's 3rd Month

Our cute little guy is 3 months old!

As of April 21st, Memphis . . .
* weights 16 pounds
* is 26.75ish inches long
* consistently goes to bed at 7PM every night and sleeps a good 6 or so hours before waking up to eat, then go anywhere from 3-6 hours before waking up to eat again
* has the cutest smile and loves it when you talk to him and smile at him
* loves watching his brother and sister play
* will kick his legs if you say "kick, kick, kick"
* enjoys playing the tongue game and will stick out his tongue to get you to stick out yours, or vice versa
* celebrated his first Easter and even got his own basket with toys and snacks for the future
* met "the Easter bunny" and got a picture with him
* doesn't take his binkie very often anymore
* laughed for the first time (It's still pretty hard to get him to laugh. I don't think he has quite figure out how to do it exactly)
* loves it when Jada plays with him and entertains him
* still enjoys his swing and bouncer
* only poops ever 5-6 days (I know this is common for breastfed babies, but he is my first to do that)
* won't sleep if I drink much caffeine (NO!!!! Goodbye "I've had a rough day and need something to make it all better" Dr. Pepper)
* is the happiest in the morning when he wakes up for the day. He is super smiley and happy to see everyone

We are sure loving this little guy. He is my favorite:)

Pictures from the past month (including some repeats)

His first Easter basket

My adorable bunny

Easter Sunday

Getting to feed baby Memphis

Put 'em up!

Sleeping Beauty

Playing on his mat

Outtakes from his 3 month photo shoot. I know lots of them are similar but I couldn't decide and I LOVE THEM ALL!

Chubby man

Making some new friends

At his 2.5 month check up

Just playing some "Headbandz"

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