Memphis's 4th Month

Another month has flown by, and my little angel baby is growing too fast. I tell him every day to just stop growing. I want him to stay little forever. He is just so sweet and adorable. I am a bit obsessed with my little man.

As of May 21st, Memphis . . .
* weighs 16 pounds 15 ounces (dropped to the 73rd percentile)
* is 28 inches long (still above the 98th percentile and off the charts)
* is so happy all the time and super smiley
* loves to play on his play mat
* has started grabbing toys at least for a few seconds. He is still working on getting them to his mouth and hanging on to them
* started drooling like crazy and loves to suck on his hands or mom's fingers
* has started laughing more and more. I die. He is the cutest thing ever
* enjoys having time to himself on the floor
* loves "standing" and has for months
* loves it when mom sings to him. Especially crazy songs
* likes to watch the kids dance and sing around hi
* has been loving his tongue
* has the cutest face I have ever seen. I could stare at him all day
* can hold his head up on his own completely
* loves his sister and brother and enjoys "talking" and playing/laughing with them
* has moved up to 6-9 month clothes (due to his lengthy body)
* loves to be outside
* went to the lake for the first time and dipped his toes in the water
* often stares at his hand and concentrates really hard. I think he is trying to figure out how it works
* enjoys being "tossed" in the air
* is developing a sleeping schedule during the day
* only cries/whines when hungry, over tired, or wanting a change in position
* likes to suck his fist and fingers
* still consistently goes to bed at 7PM, wakes up only to eat around 2AM, then again around 6 or 7AM and will go back to sleep if it hasn't been 12 hours


Moving around on his play mat. He flipped around 180 degrees

More play mat fun

Bath time with helpers

Memphis's 1st Mothers Day with his mom:)

 Our first family trip to Lake Allatoona

 My happy boy

More from his 4 Month photo shoot

iPhone photos from this past month

the tongue

my bald little sleeper

 "I got it!"

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