Memphis's 5th Month

Man time is just flying by! As of June 21st, Memphis:

* weights 17 lbs 14 oz
* is 28.5 inches long
* is finally on a sleep schedule and doing awesome:)
* went on his first campout:) He did so well, it was tons of fun
* went swimming for the first time and really enjoyed his floaty. He chilled in it for over an hour
* learned to roll over from back to belly
* started eating solids. Specifically oatmeal and sweet potatoes. That is all we have tried so far, but he loves it. He didn't struggle at all to get that food down. He is a natural when it comes to eating
* can hang on to his toys better and has learned to shake them:) It's the cutest
* enjoys sitting in his Bumbo every now and then
* enjoys playing in the swimming pool whenever he can
* is my happy, smiley little guy
* has started sticking his tongue out again
* still love taken baths and loves to splash and splash
* went blueberry picking
* doesn't enjoy baking in the heat of the summer. Every time we take the kids out, Memphis gets so sweaty and can only take so much. It's getting too hot to be outside unless you are in the water (Side note: I am sure to keep him in the shade. Don't think we are just baking in the sun)
* loves to blow spit bubbles
* makes my day. I love going to get him in the morning and seeing his face light up and his huge smile
* loves Jada and laughs at her all the time


memphis's first swim

blueberry Picking

eating solids for the first time

memphis's first campout

iPhone photos
this is how i go shopping with 3 . . . baby bjorns are the best!

so close

my munchkins

big sisters are the best

as close as you can get to success without actually succeeding . . . 


since these won't fit in october, we thought we would take advantage of them now:)

just chillin'

this is what i wake up to

oh i love his cute little face!

relaxing at the lake

me and my buddy

 5 month photo shoot outtakes

 Oh Memphis, you are the SWEETEST. BABY. EVER.

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