Memphis's 6th Month

 As of July 21st, Memphis:
* weighs 19 pounds
* is 29 inches long
* loves to eat solids and can down his baby food pretty fast
* got his first tooth at 6 months and 3 days
* LOVES taking baths and being in the water
* can suck from a straw (which means he can eat the fruit/veggie pouches, hooray!)
* learned to roll from his belly to his back and can now go both ways. He is still working on being able to roll from his belly to his back whenever he wants (at this point I think its mostly luck) but he does it a few times a day
* went to the zoo for the first time
* is the best sleeper and is on a good schedule (he still wakes up once or twice to eat, but goes right back to sleep)
* is always so happy
* is a social guy and always smiles at everyone
* LOVES his siblings
* enjoys cuddling up in a soft blanket
* is the cutest baby I know and my best bud. We sure love you Memphis James!

Photos from this past month:

his first tooth

photoshoot outtakes

zoo atlanta

our family on the 4th of July Sunday

bath time :)

my buddy

oh that smile :):):)

my little cuties

story time with daddy

Memphis with the woman he saw first in this world, my midwife Elizabeth. we love her

6 months

snug as a bug

oh I want to just squeeze you! in fact, I think I will:)

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