Jensen's in July

July flew right by for our family, but not without some fun. I just thought I would document July through our photos:)

Our Garden: Our poor garden never makes it and always gets eaten by our wild life, but we sure try. This year we got our first ever "fruits of our labor". One cantaloupe. I am not going to lie, I think Michael and I were both extremely proud the day we picked it and ate it . . . even if we did pick it too early and it wasn't very good. We even had a cute little watermelon growing . . . but that little guy didn't make it.:(

Jada and Tucker playing so well together. This isn't always the case, but it was at this moment in time

Swim Lessons: From the end of May through July the kids went to swim lessons twice a week (with a few exceptions). Jada was a star and learned how to swim! She isn't super confident about it if she hasn't been swimming a ton, but once you convince her to try and she does it and remembers that she can do it, she is good to go. As for Tucker, well it was a roller coaster of a ride. He did amazing about 50% of the time, and terrible the other 50%. But hey, he is only 2 right?!

Box Car Drive-In Movie: I have the most amazing friends. One of my friends decided to have a Drive-In movie for all the kids. We were supposed to make cardboard box cars for them to sit in and then take them to the movie. She even had 3 prizes for the best cars. It was so much fun! If anyone is looking for a fun idea, this is it. The kids loved it and so did the parents. Seriously, so fun! (P.S. I brought home 2nd and 3rd prize! I mean JADA and TUCKER brought home 2nd and 3rd prize. We lost to Candice . . . I always lose to the Munks. I just can't compete;))

We joined our friends the "park hoppers":) This one is from the Dekalb-Peachtree Airport Park. The kids were so excited to see "Rusty Copper" (Dusty Crophopper)

We celebrated the 4th of July. My crew.

We did lots of grilling!

We went to visit Lindsey and went swimming at her pool. On our way we picked up Sublime Donuts to enjoy.

Visitors: My brother and his family stopped by for a couple days on their way to their new home in South Carolina. The kids were on cloud 9 having their cousins here. Jada even got a sweet braid crown hairdo thanks to Aunt Jessica!

I got my annual physical. Luckily it was with my midwife, Elizabeth, who delivered Memphis so it was lots of fun to see her and chat with her for a bit. Made it all worth it.

Partying: We went to a few birthday parties, some included swimming and face paint.

 At the end of July we headed to Utah for our summer family vacation . . . see next post for that fun!

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