Memphis's 7th Month

Where did my little baby go?! Memphis looks a lot older to me with his hair done! I just love his new do:)

Another month has flown by. We had an eventful month full of fun new adventures.

As of August 21st, Memphis . . .
* weights 20 lbs 5 ounces
* is 29.25 inches tall
* got his 2 bottom middle teeth
* has mastered rolling both ways and moves all over the floor (he can often be found stuck in random places, like between the end table and the couch)
* slept completely through the night for 4 days in a row! (went to bed at 7:30PM and didn't wake up until after 6:30AM-8:15AM)
* flew on his first, second, third, and fourth airplanes and did amazing
* went on his first family vacation to Utah and Idaho which meant a lot of 1st. Memphis visited BYU for the first time, met tons of our friends and family, went to the spot where mom and dad first met, had his first illness, road the Frontrunner, visited Temple Square and so much more:)
* got his first ear infection :(
* tried his first lick of ice cream
* has started eating real food and not just mashed up baby goodness. He loves eating anything we eat
* has started babbling
* likes his exercauser
* has started bouncing
* is becoming a little mover and wiggle worm
* is allergic to penicillin :(

For about a week and a half Memphis was not himself (because of his ear infection). I am so grateful to have my happy little guy back. It made me appreciate him even more than I already did. We sure love you, Memphis.

7 month photo shoot outtakes:)
Look at those cute pearly whites!

 Eating with Daddy

 Our Utah/Idaho Vacation
Visiting his future college

Hill Air Force Base Museum

Dinosaur Park in Ogden where he got to meet my High School BFF Elise

Riding the Frontrunner and Visiting Temple Square

 Just chillin' with his Poppi and namesake

 Reading books with Poppi

 Snuggles for the sick little guy

His first Johnson Family Reunion in Idaho

Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

Fun with his cousins

The Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum

We love Blender Bottle

Meeting Aunt Becca

Playing with Aunt Kate

Meeting the Mounts

iPhone Photos of Memphis from the past 30 days

sleeping on the airplane

we made it to utah

the spot where michael and i first met

saving some for later

go cougs

memphis and his cousin aria

"fun" at the lake with his cousin Lyla
 p.s. she is 6 months older and weights 4 pounds less than memphis

nap time at gramma's

his first taste of ice cream

who needs to order food when you can eat the menu 

fun with uncle ryan

Since returning home to GA:
Dinobuddies Memphisaurus and Tuckersaurus

Corn? Yes Please

His allergic reaction to Penicillin

He loves soft blankets . . . just like his sister:)

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