Memphis's 8th Month

Man oh man, our little guy is already 8 months! He is getting so big so fast. I want him to stay little forever. Memphis is our little sunshine. He is so happy and smiley. I seriously can't get enough of his adorable face and his "moon eyes" (as Jada calls them) when he smiles.

As of September 21st, Memphis . . .
* weighs a little less than 20 pounds
* can sit up on his own
* is so close to crawling is painful. He has been on all 4's, can move his legs forward, and has been planking for weeks yet still hasn't learned to move his hands forward
* love to eat and could eat all day. He just keeps going and going
* says dadada and I *think* knows who that is . . . we are still working on mama
* went to the Gulf of Mexico and Florida for the first time
* enjoyed playing in the sand
* loves being outside
* loves his mommy the most:)
* can feed himself small finger foods
* has learned to "sniff" like a dog and scrunch his nose. He does it when he is really excited
* smiles at everyone who talks to him, and gives the ladies a flirty little smile
* loves taking baths and kicking his feet to splash
* has 4 teeth (both bottom middles and top middles)
* has the cutest shoulder dimples (he has had them since birth)
* loves playing pee-a-boo
* loves it when I play music and lip sync to him. The more upbeat the better
* puts his arms out for mom and dad
* enjoys being read to, especially "Peek A Who?" He loves that book!
* took his first bath with his siblings
* has learned to make clicking sounds with his tongue
* has my heart

Photos from the last month of Mr. Memphis

Our little sitter

Enjoying Family Movie Night and his grilled cheese

First bath with his siblings

His first time to the Gulf and beach

We love you Memphis, more than words can say and are so grateful that you were sent out our family.

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