Memphis's 9th Month

At 9 months, as of October 21st, Memphis:
* is 31 inches long (over 100th percentile)
* weighs 21 pounds 15 ounces (85th percentile)
* can sit himself up
* has officially upgraded to a rear facing 5-point hardness car seat instead of an infant carrier due to his length
* is crawling all over the place. He is still a little slow, but is getting faster and faster every day
* is loving his new freedom and enjoys exploring the house (as long as someone is in the room) and has already started pulling decorations off the wall (our Halloween bats) and trying to pull our cords out of the wall (*sign)
* has started riding in the grocery carts instead of in a Baby Bjorn or his car sat
* visited his first apple orchard (BJ Reece) and "pumpkin patch" (Burts) and also went on his first hayride
* visited the Gulf of Mexico for the first time which included many other firsts (such as playing in sand, eating sand, "riding the waves", playing at Seagrove beach, etc)
* had his first Popsicle
* had Mac & Cheese for the first time
* likes to "hide" from mom (aka crawl under beds and other furniture then get stuck)
* ate pizza by the slice for the first time (as in not all cut up)
* has started reaching for Michael and me
* has 6 teeth (I think he got 4 in the past month)
* attended his first State Fair
* learned to clap
* enjoys following mom around the house
* loves playing with Tucker and Jada and all their toys
* learned to click his tongue
* is sleeping through the night almost every night (and I didn't even have to sleep train him!) He goes to bed around 7:30PM and doesn't wake up until around 6AM (most nights)
* had Chick-fil-A for the first time (he got his own order of breakfast mini's)
* adores his siblings
* laughs at Jada and her silly entertainment
* loves to snuggle when he is tired, which we love
* loves it when you dance with him
* has started "yelling" when music comes on and looks pretty proud of himself. . . I think he is attempting to "sing"
* loves music and likes to be sang to
* has started to be more "moody" and isn't his old always happy self
* loves to be held
* enjoys eating people food, and demands to try whatever you have, but also still loves his baby food
* is seriously the cutest little kid I know . . . you can't help but smile at his adorable face and as Jada call them, his "moon eyes"!

We LOVE you sweet Memphis!

fun at the beach

fun at the fair

fall festivities

pizza . . . his new favorite

those dimples! i just love them!

my handsome little man

his first Chick-fil-a . . . i think he LOVED it

where "shopping is a pleasure" :)

a little game of "hide and seek"

i could stare as this handsome guy all day

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