September In Review (PART 1: BIRTHDAY FUN)

September was a super fun and busy time for our little family. We celebrated my 30th birthday, Tucker's 3rd birthday, started going to the gym every morning, Jada started preschool, and went on a family vacation to Seagrove, Florida. All of those things took lots of preparation and time. I feel like I was busy all day every day, but we had so much fun.

My 30th Birthday

My 30th birthday was my BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER! My sister, Tiffani, surprised me and flew in from Michigan for the weekend. It was so wonderful to spend some time with her. She is the best. To add to that, with the help of my friends and sister Lindsey, they threw me a surprise birthday party. Under the assumption that my friends and I were going to attend the temple on the night before my birthday, I headed to Candice's house to car pool together. When I got there all seemed in order. Candice made up some lie about her husband building her a new table and how she wanted me to come out to the back porch to see it. That's where the surprise happened. I opened the blinds to lights, food, cute eloquent decorations (all done by Candice and Melissa), and a porch full of my friends and two of my sisters (Tiffani and Lindsey). This is where I found out that Tiffani was here as well. It was amazing! I was so overwhelmed with all the work they put in for ME. I feel so spoiled and lucky to have such amazing, talented friends and sisters who would do so much for me.

The night was the best. I loved every second of it. They had done a "30 Favorite Things" theme and all the food and desserts were based off that. A somewhat random collection of lots of my favorite foods. Unfortunately I ate dinner before coming, but non the less, it was awesome. Ahhhh, so awesome. I sure love surprises, and having my sister be one of them was the best!

That was only the beginning to a weekend of fun and partying. On Saturday, my actual birthday, my sisters and I went and got pedicures, I opened a ton of gifts (I really was spoiled this year!) including new shoes from Lindsey and Tiffani, donuts from Kenny, a serger from Michael, gift cards and money to go shopping, chocolate covered strawberries and flowers from "the kids", a sweet "Forever 29" shirt from Michael, the list goes on. It was way more than I expected or could have dreamed.

That evening we got a babysitter and Lindsey, Kenny, Tiffani, Michael and I went to Fox Brothers BBQ for dinner. It was my first time. It was the bomb. If you haven't been, you should go. We had a fun time out chatting and eating delicious food. By 9:30PM I was pretty exhausted and could barely stay awake (we were up until 2 AM the night before following my party). Though I wanted to continue the party, it wasn't happening. We headed home and I went to bed. I really am getting old!

THANK YOU everyone who made my birthday amazing! Michael, Tiffani, Lindsey, Candice, Melissa, and everyone else who helped with the party and surprised. You are all the best!!!!

Michael made me a cake this year, and so did the kids:) He is such a great dad. He made them their own cake to decorate just for me

Next up . . .

Tucker's 3rd Birthday

We decided to celebrate Tucker's birthday a day early so that Tiffani, Lindsey, and Kenny could all join us. So, on Sunday we had Tucker's birthday. We had a gluten free cake (thanks Lindsey) and ice cream, presents, and fun. He was so excited! He has been asking for Ninja Turtle toys and a Ninja Turtle birthday, and that is what he got. Some of his favorite gifts included a TMNT watch from Lindsey and Kenny, a TMNT shell from Maimi and Poppi, tools and masks for his shell (sais and a sword), and all 4 TMNT action figures. He got lots of other things that he loves, but those were a few of his favorites. He plays with all his TMNT stuff every day and loves everything TMNT.

A few days after his birthday we had a TMNT birthday party with some of his friends. He was pretty thrilled about that and loved every second. We only invited a few friends, and didn't do too much for it, but it was the perfect thing for this guy. He was in heaven. 

A few things about Tucker right now:
* He weighs 37 pounds
* He is 39.5 inches tall
* He loves all things TMNT and Spiderman
* He will eventually eat/try anything we have for dinner (this is a big step for us)
* He loves playing with his sister and little brother
* He still has screaming tantrums quite regularly
* He would watch TV (Netflix) all day every day if I let him
* He loves pizza, Chobani key lime yogurt, treats, soda, GoGo Squeeze pouches, tacos, cheese, milk, sausage, bacon, chicken nuggets (especially Chick-fil-a) and salami
* He loves going to the park and playing outside on his bike
* He knows most of his letters and the sounds they make
* He is often referred to as a "little stinker" who thinks its funny when he makes bad choices
* He loves reading and looking at books
* He knows his colors and can count to 20
* He can write a T, U, A . . . and a few other random letters and is always so proud when he does
* He loves to dance and sing songs
* He is a little climber
* He is our Jekyll & Hyde many days . . . he can be the sweetest most thoughtful and loving boy one minute, then the next can lose it over nothing and becomes a screaming monster. Often screaming for 25-40 minutes. 
* He is strong willed and won't be talked into anything unless he decides he wants it
* He loves to draw and color
* He loves all things boy: shooter guns, cars, trains, balls, sports, weapons, bad guys/good guys, action, etc
* He still wakes up at night but in the past week or two has been better about just going back to sleep on his own and not coming and waking us up
* He has the sweetest smile and gives the best bear hugs
* He melts my heart with his thoughtfulness and kindness
* He enjoys playing dress up with Jada but now has his own collection to choose from (Spiderman, a lion, a fireman . . . and hopefully a pirate after Halloween)

A few pictures of our cute 3 year old:)

We sure love you Tucker Vincent!

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