September In Review (PART 2: SEAGROVE, FL)

A few days ago, we got back from our first ever family vacation alone. (Usually we go visit family for our vacations) We spent 5 days and 4 nights in Seagrove, Florida right on 30A in a cute little beach house. It was AMAZING!

I will admit, I was a little bummed that it didn't work out for some on ours friends or family to join us, but it ended up being a blessing. No offense friends and family! I still love going places and being with family, but it was nice to have a vacation where we could do everything on our schedule and timing. If the kids needed to nap, that was ok. If we wanted to go out to dinner every night, that was ok. If we all undressed on the screened-in front porch, that was ok too:). We were able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Michael and I could even swim in the pool at night alone. It was awesome.

We spent many hours on the beach enjoying the amazingly soft white sand, chasing birds, building sand castles, chasing fish, seeing tiny crabs, having races, and enjoying the perfect weather. We spent hours in our private pool playing and enjoying Popsicles. We ate at some delicious restaurants, got Dawson's ice cream (which was both pretty and tasty), visited downtown Seaside a few times, walked and got fresh donuts for breakfast, enjoyed sleeping on our king size bed (seriously, it was THE BOMB. I need one), Michael got fresh delicious (so he says) shrimp, visited the local souvenir shops, took pictures on the beach, watched the sunset every evening over the water, and so much more.

Michael and I enjoyed evenings to ourselves and used our time to read, swim in the pool, cuddle, drink Rootbeer floats or eat some Key Lime pie from a local restaurant, and just relax stress free. The kids loved the water and wanted to be in the pool or the ocean 24/7. They all did great taking naps and sleeping at night. Memphis tasted sand for the first time and got his first top front tooth while we were there. Tucker loved playing in the pool and jumping in from the side. He also really loved all the snacks he got to eat. Jada loved the ocean and liked to walk out to the sand bar and write/draw in the sand. They both loved the place and kept telling us how much they loved "our new house". On the first night we were there, while eating dinner Jada said, "I love this house! I wish we could stay here forever . . . like 100 years!" Amen Jada, Amen. No work, all play . . . deal.

Until next year . . .

Dinner at "Pizza By The Sea"

Memphis turned 8 months old while we were there. It only seemed fitting to do his photo shoot on the beach!

while I took pictures of Memphis . . . the kids played

Watching morning cartoons from their "favoritest bed ever"

Tucker's 3 year old photo shoot (plus some of Jada)

Pool Fun


Enjoying his pizza

"Almost Paradise" our rental house (the first 4 photos are off vrbo.com and are not mine)

One of Jada's favorite things about the house (besides the bunk beds). . . this wall

Downtown Seaside and Dawson's Ice Cream

Seagrove Village Market

Our morning walk to the Donut Hut

Lunch at the Great Southern Cafe

 More fun at the beach

One of my favorite features of Memphis's . . . his shoulder dimples:)

Family Photos on the beach and more of Tucker's 3 year photo shoot

That's all Folks!

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