Trunk-or-Treat: Peter Pan Theme

In all honesty, our ward Trunk-or-Treat activity is a bigger deal to me than actual Halloween night. On Halloween you mostly knock on random doors. You may see a few people you know, you may even go trick-or-treating with friends, but the majority of people you see don't know who you are. They don't appreciate your costumes and the time and money you spend making and coordinating them. So in our family, our new "rule" is . . .  you get to be whatever mom decides for trunk-or-treat, then you can be whatever you want on Halloween night. I thought that was a fair deal, and the kids did too. Jada even said, "That is a great idea mom!" :)

At trunk-or-treat, you know nearly everyone. It is the best. You can show off your fun/cute themed costumes that you spend hours making, and get to take cute pictures like these:) You trust where the candy is coming from, and best of all you get to trick-or-treat to about 30+ cars in less than an hour. In an hour you could go around a number of times (parents permitting . . . no we didn't do that). No hills, no wasted time carrying your kids between houses, it is the best. Genius I tell you! Anyways, enough about my love for trunk-or-treat and on to the pictures! The kids had a great time and were content with just going around once. 20 minutes of fun and they were satisfied.

 their "can we be done yet" faces

 The Munk Family

 Trunk-or-Treat fun

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