Happy Halloween!

Welp, after being Hook, Tinker Bell, and a crocodile for Trunk-or-Treat, the kids decided to be Captain America, Ariel, and a bear (ok I picked the bear) on Halloween night.

After trick-or-treating to Bob and Jean's house across the street, we headed over to our friends, the Aguilera's house, to join them in their neighborhood for the rest of trick-or-treating. The kids loved it. It was fun to be in a neighborhood full of families and kids running around everywhere. Jada was really into it this year and wanted to go to every house. She kept running from house to house yelling, "more candy"! It was pretty funny. She must take after her mom. Tucker on the other hand was done after about 8 houses. Someone gave him a ring pop, which he immediately wanted to eat. Once we said OK he no longer wanted to get anything else. He just wanted to ride in the wagon and eat his ring pop. I even tried pulling him in the wagon all the way to the door step, but he still wouldn't get out to walk up one step and grab a piece. So Jada and I did all the trick-or-treating for the both of them. Memphis did well for about 30 minutes. At that point he was super tired because he didn't take a good 2nd nap so he was done and just wanted to go to sleep. Luckily after only a few tears, he fell asleep in his stroller:) We did one big loop inside the neighborhood and called it good. Jada was satisfied and Tucker finished. We went back to our friends, played and ate a little pizza, then headed home to get the kids to bed.

Side note: We left a bucket out with treat (full size candy bars) in case anyone came to our house, but when we got back there wasn't one missing:( Lame-O. I knew we didn't get many trick-or-treaters, hence the full size, but I thought we would at least get a hand full:(

The kids lined up their candy, picked their favorites to save, then went to bed happy.

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