Memphis's 10th Month

As of November 21st, Memphis:

* is a fast little crawler! One month ago he had barely learned to crawl and now he is all over the place and into every thing
* loves to stand and can pull himself into the standing position. He is always standing when I go get him from his crib and always tries to stand whenever he reaches his destination after crawling:)
* can say "mama" but usually chooses not to
* loves playing with Tucker and Jada! He can often be found sitting with them playing Lego's, in their room taking everything out of the toy kitchen, playing in the toy car bin, or where ever Jada and Tucker are. He doesn't like to be left out
* experienced his first Halloween and did awesome. No matter what costume we put him in, he was a good little sport. He didn't complain, even when there was a big crocodile head hanging off one side of his head making him work to keep his head up straight:) He fell asleep in his stroller while trick-or-treating and stayed asleep until it was time to go home
* learned to scream/squeal/shriek in excitement (thanks Tucker and Jada). It was pretty cute at first . . . luckily it has phased out over the month
* signs "all done" and "more"
* waves "hi" and "bye"
* loves pizza
* really enjoys being in the grass and playing with leaves
* has started pulling the DVDs off the shelf
* has let go with both hands a number of times when standing and stood there on his own for a few second
* enjoys taking all the book soff his book shelf and likes to go through the pages of some of his favorites. He always picks "Peek-A-Who?" and "Twinkle Twinkle"
* sleeps through the night completely. After a rough week of him waking up around 4AM, nursing, then screaming/whimpering for hours, I decided if the nursing wasn't helping him go back to sleep, then why do it. I quit nursing in the night and after only a few nights he quit waking up all together. Success!
* gets so excited when Daddy comes home! If Michael forgets to come say hi to him (if he is stuck in his high chair or something and dad is giving the other 2 hugs and such) Memphis will start yelling to get his attention. He sure loves his daddy
* likes to walk with help
* love his siblings to death and is always excited to see them in the morning

I can't believe he is almost 1! This year has really flown by. I am so grateful for my Memphis. He is the best little thing around!

Oh I love these kids!

His sister can always make him smile:)

Memphis's 1st donut . . . yes he is a 3rd child. Can you tell?!

Cute photos from my phone

Christmas Jammies from Gramma J

Hiking at Sope Creek

Slow down! You are growing too fast!

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