This year, for the first time in our marriage, we had Thanksgiving in our own home and even hosted some family! I was a little nervous at first (mostly because I was keeping 5 of the guests a secret until the night before) but it all turned out awesome.

Michael, Ben, and all the kids older than 3 went and started the day off right by doing Meals on Wheels. The kids thought it was pretty fun and enjoyed going out with their cousins and dads.

Meanwhile, Kimberly and I started on our feast. When Michael and the crew came back, the kids played, while we hurried and cooked the rest of our dinner. Right as we were sitting down to eat, Lindsey and Kenny came and joined us! It was perfect timing. Lindsey even brought a yummy brussel sprout salad (my first time having brussel sprouts). It was perfect. Dinner was delicious and it was so much fun having everyone there. Since the kiddos were happily playing, the adults ate first, then invited the children to come eat some too. It was nice to be able to eat our food while it was hot:)

Our "Tree of Thanks" for the month of November. It ended up being more of a tree for Jada and I, but it was fun to do it with her every day. I enjoyed thinking about my life and coming up with things I was most grateful for.

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