Jada & Savannah's 5th Birthday Bash

Jada and her friend Savannah were born only 1 day apart. This year her mom and I decided to do a combined birthday party for them at Chuck E Cheese.

Savannah apparently had been hearing lots of great things at her Preschool about it and was sure that that is where her birthday party needed to be (though she had never been). Jada went a few years ago, but was too young to remember. She was just excited to have a party with Savannah, I don't think she really cared where or when. The two of them were in heaven when the day arrived. They were both so excited to have their party there and to have their friends come play with them.

I won't lie, while it was pretty crazy and chaotic, it was pretty awesome. The only thing I had to do was bring a cake (and even that was by choice). Chuck E Cheese took care of everything else. Jada and Savannah both got a crown and cape. The kids all got pizza, tokens, and lemonade. We didn't have to set up or clean anything up . . . it was awesome.

While there were a few things I wish I could have done differently (like have someone babysit Memphis so we didn't have to worry about him), it was awesome.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the festivities . . .

The Cake

 The Games

The Eats

 The Show

Our Happy Crew

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