Jada is 5!

Our little girl is no longer so little! I can't believe it has been 5 years. I posted this on Facebook on her birthday and I think it just about sums up how I feel . . . "5 year ago today, this little beauty changed my life forever. The past 5 years have been the most challenging and BEST 5 years of my life! Since her birth, I have learned more about myself and my strengths and weaknesses than I ever thought possible. Being a mother completely changed my outlook on life and deepened my understanding of a mothers love and sacrifice. I am so grateful for my Jada Bug. It has been so fun to watch her grown and learn. She brightens my day and has made me a better person. I love you so much Jada Monet! Happy Birthday!"

At 5 years old, Jada:

Loves to learn. She is currently going to Joy School, and is always thrilled when she gets to go. She comes home excited to tell us what she has learned. She loves to write letters and enjoys spelling words. She is always asking us how to spell words so that she can write notes to people. She knows how to write "I love you" and a few other things.

Loves to read. She can sight read a few words like love, Mom, Dad, Tucker, Memphis, Maimi, Poppi, Gramma & Grandpa J, birthday, Candice, Tiffani, and somehow always knows who is calling me just by looking at the name.

Has started getting some sass and an attitude. She can be a roller coaster of emotions. She is usually happy as long as mom doesn't ask her to do anything. If life goes her way and she never has to clean up or do her hair . . . she is one happy camper:) If only we all didn't have to do those things EVERY. DAY.

Loves playing with Tucker. She is into imaginary play at the moment and loves to play "family" with Tucker (and Memphis if he cooperates). She loves having "tea parties", pretending to cook and bake, playing with their Toy Story toys, dressing up, riding her bicycle, and building with their Legos (ok really she just likes to make cool patterns with the legos . . . she doesn't necessarily build anything specific. Its all about the design and color patterns). She loves all things girly and likes to "look pretty" by putting on her play make up, jewelry, and twirly dresses.

Loves socializing and being with her friends. She is always making friends wherever we go and loves to talk and play with any kids her age.

Is a self promoted "Mommy #2" in the house. She likes to take charge and enjoys telling her brothers what to do/not to do. She thinks she can pick up Memphis and often tried to move him to do whatever she wishes. We often have to remind her who is in charge in our house:)

Loves pizza and chicken nuggets.

Loves "all the colors . . . but mostly pink, blue, and yellow if she had to choose"

Is too smart for her own good and often picks up on subtle things I try to hint to Michael about. You can't hide anything from Jada

Loves to shop and enjoys going to any store with me. The only problem is that she always wants something. She doesn't quite understand money and working for our money. Even though we rarely get her what she asks for, she still thinks she should get everything she wants. When I have tried to talk to her about money and how I "don't have money for that today" she comes right back with, "Yes you do! Just use your card!" or "I saw monies in your wallet, I know you have some". Trying to explain and reason with her about what we need/want has yet to sink in. Little stinker . . . maybe one day she will value money a little more. . . . Speaking of money, funny story, the other day on our way out the door she asked if she could bring some of her own money to buy something if she wanted it (which is often what I tell her when she wants something. I tell her she will have to buy it with her own money.) ANYWAYS, she grabbed a $5 bill out of her piggy bank. Tucker grabbed three $1 bills. She immediately got upset and started complaining that Tucker had more. I tried my best to explain the value of her dollar and how she actual had more, but she wouldn't listen. After a few minutes of going back and forth and realizing I was getting nowhere I offered to trade her three $1's I had for her $5. She happily made the switch and went on her way. Kids.

Loves to snuggle and get as much attention as possible. All three of our kids love to be held. Jada always tries to sit on my lap, lay on my shoulder, or in some way be in contact with me. I try to enjoy it while I can. I know it won't last forever.

Is so excited to start Kindergarten in the fall. She often points out her school when we pass and asks when she can go there. She is going to love school, I just know it.

Has the best laugh and loves making Memphis laugh. It is the best thing to see her play with him and make him laugh. He sure loves her. She can always make him smile.

Loves to sing and even makes up her own songs. She often requests that she get to sing one of her bedtime songs on her own. While they often go on forever . . . especially at bedtime where she has perfected the form of procrastination, but they are pretty cute. She and Tucker also love rocking out and belting out "Hello" by Adele, "Roar" by Katie Perry, "Steal My Girl" by One Direction and many others while riding in the car.

We sure love our Jada Bug. While she really has challenged me this past year I love her to pieces. She really has helped me see my flaws and has made me realize how much I need to turn to my Father in Heaven for his help and guidance. I think I often try to do everything on my own, but have realized this past year that it is nearly impossible and much harder that way. God knows his children better than anyone. Sometimes in life our only option is to turn our lives completely over to Him and to allow Him to take over.

We love you Jada. I hope that I can become a better teacher and mother and that I will be able to lead you back to your Father in Heaven. The older you get the more I realize how much of a responsibility being a parent is. I hope you know I do my best. I am not perfect, but I try my hardest to do what I think is best for you.