Tucker Christmas in Charleston

This Christmas we were able to spend two fun filled weeks in Charleston, South Carolina, at my brother, Rhet's, house with the entire Tucker clan. The kids had the best time playing with their cousins! It was hard to leave. They were all spoiled. Memphis loved all the attention and love he received. He is always a happy guy, but he was especially happy all vacation long. He had so many admirers that, he too, was in heaven. We had the best time!

 Some of our family highlights include:
* All 28 of us packing into Rhet & Jessica's 4 bedroom home (not including the bonus room and laundry room we turned into a bedroom)
* Jada and Tucker jumping off the deck onto the trampoline (with adult supervision)
* Have not one, but two, trampolines for the kids to play on
* Maimi making delicious cinnamon rolls:)
* Michael and I going to see Star Wars with most of the adults and Alex
* Michael and I going on a date and doing a Food Tour of Charleston with Tiffani, Ryan Craig, and Ryan. I tried everything, which was a big deal for me (including chicken liver . . . yuck!)
* Michael was super dad and took the kids to Patriot's Point with the family while I checked out photo locations for our family photos with my mom
* Making s'mores
* Walking around my brother's neighborhood looking for alligators
* Michael going to get some Low Country Boil with Kenny and Ryan Craig
* Tucker and Jada both getting what they asked Santa for: bow and arrows. Tucker also got a toothless plus and TMNT backpack, and Jada got a frozen guitar and puppy surprise:)
* Memphis taking his first steps!
* Taking family photos at Folly Beach and getting to play at the beach
* Michael going out with the boys and golfing 18 holes
* Playing my sister's awesome Family Trivia game that she put together. It's one of my favorite things about getting together
* All the girls going out for lunch
* Having an epic New Years Eve Lip Sync battle and playing the Box of Lies game (thank you Lindsey!)
* Playing our traditional "dice" game and scoring big
* Special Family Home Evenings
* Decorating gingerbread houses
* Playing a "guess the flavor of the candy cane" game
* Michael and I staying up until 2:30AM one morning playing Werewolf with lots of other adults
* Game nights
* Singing in church together
* Sweating in the 70+ degree weather because I brought all long sleeve clothes thinking it would be a little chillier
* Memphis waking up at 6AM sharp never every morning
* Special adult Christmas program, thanks Jess!
* Going outlet shopping with some of the girls and scoring big! It was awesome
* Trying gator sausage
* Having Mom, Dad, and Ryan come stay with us after for a few days and being able to go out with them (and Lindsey & Kenny) to dinner and played an Ultimate Escape Game
* Memphis trying Pop Rocks for the first time and thinking they were the coolest thing ever

Christmas Sunday

Family Photos at Folly Beach


Candy cane "guess the flavor" game

Out traditional Christmas Eve adult "dice game"

 Christmas Morning

Family Trivia night

Decorating gingerbread houses

Trampoline Fun

New Years Eve Lip Sync Battle

Happy little Memphis

Our Food Tour in Charleston

Walking around the neighborhood looking for Gators

Girls lunch - We missed you Jess!

Date Night back in Atlanta

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