Gramma, Grandpa J & Kurt visit Atlanta

Gramma, Grandpa J, and Kurt came to visit us here in Atlanta! We were all so happy to have them some see us!

We spent our weekend driving down to the Wild Life Safari in southern Georgia, going out to dinner together (had to introduce them to Chicken & Waffles), going for walks, hanging out, and shopping for furniture. All in all it was an awesome week!

Our first visit to the Wild Animal Safari had some mixed reviews:) Once on the waiting list for our van rental, we visited the "Walk About". I am going to be quite honest, it was the saddest "zoo" I have ever seen. All the animals looked miserable. The kangaroo's looked like they were on their death bed, and all the other animals didn't look much better. The poor baboon was livid and kept getting angry at all the people laughing at his behavior (stupid people wouldn't leave the poor guy alone). It was sad. Really sad. We did see an amazing peacock and a few cute little animals though.

Once it was finally our turn for a van, things started looking up. We all thought the van was pretty ghetto and awesome, and loved our drive through the park. It was so fun to feed all the animals. There were a surprising number of huge animals. We fed lots of longhorns, zebras, bison, giraffes, rhinos, pigs, deer, rams, bulls, and many others. While Tucker was too scared to put the food right into the animals mouth (he resorted to throwing it out the window to them), Jada was surprisingly brave and fed a bunch of animals. It was pretty awesome.

Starting our "Walk About"


Finally heading in . . . 

Bantam & Biddy's Chicken & Waffles


Thanks for the awesome fun!

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