Surprise Michigan Trip

A couple days before Michael and I left for Nashville, we received some bad news. While on vacation in Michigan, my mom was in terrible pain, so they took her to the ER.Turns out, her appendix had ruptured:( After a few stressful days, surgery, lots of staples, and medication, I am happy to report that she is doing well and on the road to recovery. But, my parent's 2 week vacation turned into a 4 week vacation with some hospital time.

I really was sad that I didn't get to go see them during those first two weeks, so when their trip was extended another two weeks, I decided that this was my opportunity. I was going to drive to Michigan with the kids, and best of all, we were going to surprise my parents!
I set things up with my sister and planned everything out. Well as much as one can when surprising someone. We left the day after Michael and I got back from Nashville. I was home long enough to unpack and repack. We met my little brother, who was in Atlanta for a job interview, for lunch before he caught his flight home, then left from the restaurant and started our drive north.

I wasn't sure how far we would get, so I didn't book a hotel, but I had done my research and had a few in mind depending on how everything was going. The kids did pretty good until it came time for bed. Memphis was really struggling to stay asleep. To make things worse, there was some construction on the freeway in Tennessee so they sent us off on a mountain road that was only 2 lanes and scary. To top it off, it was raining and dark. After driving what should be been 15 minutes on the freeway, but took 45 minutes on the mountain road in the rain, I decided we should stop in Lexington, KY, and that is just what we did. Michael made us the reservations at a cute hotel there and we rolled in around 11:15PM. The kids were so excited to stay in a hotel and did awesome going right to sleep once we all got into the room and were situated. It was a ton better than I imagined, and the hotel was awesome. We all slept great.

We woke up, had a fun continental breakfast (during which Tucker said, "I am having so much fun! Thanks Mom"), then packed up and got back on the road. When we arrived in Saline (where my parents were staying with Tiffani), we picked up some flowers then headed over. My sister quietly let us in and we all went upstairs to where my mom was resting in her bed. She had the best look on her face. You could tell that she was totally caught off guard and was so excited to see us:) It was the best. Next we quietly went downstairs to surprise my dad. He was currently sleeping in a chair in the living room when we walked in. He half woke up and kind of half opened his eyes like he was just about to go back to sleep, but then they shot open. He had a great reaction too! It was so fun to surprise them! I love surprises:)

We spent the next few days having a fun time with Maimi, Poppi, Tiffani and her family. The first night we were there, Tiffani and I got to go to a Carrie Underwood concert, which was so fun! (Her husband got them tickets for her birthday and was pretty stoked that I would be there to go with her in his place:) Thanks Ryan!) The kids loved dying Easter Eggs, playing outside, going to the library, eating out, going on an Egg Hunt around the city, and playing together inside.

The kids LOVED playing with their cousins and being with family. We had a few rough times with Tucker, and Memphis chipping his tooth, but all in all, it was awesome. Speaking of surprises, Michael surprised US and flew in on Friday to spend the weekend with us. It was Easter weekend after all. The kids had a blast with all of the festivities and enjoyed having their buddies to share it with.

On Easter Sunday we drove up to Troy, Michigan, to surprise Michael's family for Easter. That was another fun surprise. Everyone was scheduled to meet at Michael's sister's house for dinner and we planned to arrive after everyone was there. Well, mom and dad were late. So we surprised the first batch, then tried to plan what to do for mom and dad. We decided that Kurt, Michael's little brother, would open the door for them with Memphis in his arm and we would all see how long it took for them to realize it wasn't the baby they thought should be there. So that's what we did. It was pretty funny.

After everyone was there, the kids did their Easter egg hung and we all had dinner together. Once again, the kids loved having their cousins to play with. They were excited to spend the night at Gramma and Grandpa J's too. We had so much fun we ended up staying two nights instead of one, and the kids loved every second.

Michael flew back to Atlanta on Monday and I headed back to Saline on Tuesday morning with the kids. We spent another couple days with our family there, then decided we should head home ourselves. I really wanted to stay longer but was struggling with Tucker. He needed his dad. I needed Michael. So after my parents left for the airport, we started our drive.

We did the same thing we did going up, except the awesome hotel we stayed at was booked . . . so we went for the next nicest looking one in our price range. Turns out it was TERRIBLE. The photos online looked great, so Michael booked it. But once we got there it was no good. They were under construction and everything looked ghetto. To make matters worse I looked it up on Yelp and multiple people within the last couple months complained of taking home bed bugs. I was horrified. I didn't know what to do, but thought it was too late. Everyone was booked and we were already in the room. So I did everything I could to check for bed bugs, prayed a lot, researched how to prevent yourself and your stuff from getting them, did all those things, then tried to sleep. Which was not fun. I was so paranoid. But we made it through the night and got out of there as soon as we could. We took our time driving back and everyone did great.

All in all, it was an awesome vacation.

And in case you are wondering, we didn't get bed bugs. Thank heavens! I did wash everything on us and everything that went into the hotel immediately when we got home as a extra precaution.

 And Now for the photos:

Decorating Easter Eggs

Easter Morning

Easter Egg Hunt with the Jensen's


Fun with our cousins

The first time Tucker wrote his own name all alone!

Rootbeer Tasting

Fun with Turbo

Egg Hunt around Saline

 Headed Home

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