April in a Nutshell

April 4th: Since January, Jada and Tucker have been working hard to earn and save money to buy themselves a bicycle. I wanted to teach them about working hard, earning, saving, and paying tithing. So, we had a long discussion about it, made jars, then had them pick something they wanted to save up and buy. They both picked bicycles.

We counted their money and took it to the store. I had looked at a bunch of bikes online with them and they had voiced their opinions about which ones they would like, but I thought it would be a good idea to take them to the store so that we could figure out what sizes we needed and such. I didn't go with the intent to actually find "the bicycle", but it happened. They both found one they loved and insisted it was "the one". So, they did it. They spent their hard earned money on their bicycles and both couldn't have been happier!

April 5th: Memphis really LOVES "Peek A Who" and this "Pop" book that we have. He loves to be read to, but also loves to just sit and "read" them by himself.

April 6th: One of Memphis's favorite things to do while we read the scriptures is take out all of Tucker's underwear and put them on his head. He looks pretty cute with undies on his head:)

 April 9th: We had a fun family day at the park flying kites and teaching the kids how to ride their bicycles. Tucker was still a little afraid to try it on his own, but Jada wasn't. She was determined to learn to ride it, and she did! It only took one afternoon for her to be a bicycles pro! She can turn, zigzag, do circles, the whole shabang!

Our proud two wheel rider!

April 23rd: Jada and I went on our mother/daughter surprise date. See further post.

April 30th: Michael and I went to the Wines and Roses Gala for CF. We represented HSBC along with his coworker and his wife. It was fun to dress up, go out, and have time together. I also enjoyed meeting his coworker and his wife and laughing with them. It was a great night.

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