May ended up being a very busy month for us! Between putting an offer in on a house, getting it inspected and appraised, doing preschool, swim lessons, visiting the chiropractor weekly, and everything in between, it was an exhausting but exciting month. Because of that, I thought I would just do a quick recap with photos and a brief summary of our happenings.

First, we put in an offer on a house here in Marietta. We weren't really planning on buying this year, but were guided to this house. (See later post for more details) It is adorable and perfect. We loved it so much and wanted it so bad that we are nervous things won't go smoothly . . . luckily at the end of it all, everything went perfectly. The inspector noted a few things that needed fixing, and the owners were willing to do whatever they needed. As for the appraisal, well, it came back below our offer. Good for us, but sad for the owner. Luckily he just said "OK" and we moved on. We are happy to report that the house is ours and we will be closing on June 3rd!

Second, we spent a Saturday afternoon washing our cars with the kids and having so much fun. The kids all loved helping and playing with the hose. Especially Memphis:) This should be a more frequent thing. I am embarrassed to say that I don't know the last time we hand washed our cars at home.

Next, Michael and I got everyone awesome lightsaber's for our anniversary:) We have had some fun epic battles. Even Memphis loves them!

The boys wore their matching Easter outfits, and matching cowboy boots that we got them from Nashville to church one Sunday:) So cute!

Next up, we celebrated Mother's Day. Michael and the kids made me breakfast in bed and spoiled me with love:) I am so grateful for these crazy kids of mine.  They sure test my patients and are difficult at times, but I love them to pieces.

Next, on May 13th, the boys went on the wards annual Father & Son's camp out. This year Michael even took Memphis! (Tucker convinced him that it was a good idea) Luckily Memphis did awesome and they all had a wonderful time. Meanwhile back at home, Jada and I had a fun girls night. We went out to eat, saw a movie, and painted our nails.

In mid May, Jada started Swim Team. Best of all, two of her friends are in her swim class. She had forgotten that she could swim on her own when she started, but after 2 weeks of practice every day, she was swimming on her own and was able to swim the length of the pool (at meets) without stopping or holding on to the rope. We are so proud of her. She really has been pushing herself. I am excited to see her progress come July when Swim Team is over.

Jada, Savannah & Laura at their first Swim Meet of the season

On May 19th, Jada graduated from Preschool:) We just had a little party at the park to celebrate with everyone. The kids loved it.

Jada and her Preschool buddies on one of their last days of Preschool

On May 21st, Tucker learned how to ride a bicycle all my himself! He is doing awesome and loves riding his TMNT bike without any help! (Sorry no photo . . . just this video that may or may not work)

We also had a lot of backyard playing and fun this month. The weather was perfect and the kids loved playing outside together. Memphis even got in on the fun many days and enjoyed being outside with his brother and sister. The kids sure love being together outside. They were being particularly cute today, especially Memphis. I just couldn't get enough of his adorable little face!

On May 28th, we went to see the circus at the fair grounds with lots of our friends! It was a pretty long show with some cool acts. We got to see lots of tigers, an elephant, tight rope walkers, motorcyclists in a big ball, clowns, and lots of other fun things. Afterwards, the kids got to ride some rides, and of course, we all ate lots of yummy carnival food.

On Memorial day we check out a new Donut shop . . . it was pretty delicious! Later that afternoon, we went swimming with some friends, had a BBQ, and enjoyed relaxing at the pool all afternoon. It was perfect.

When we weren't having all this fun, we were packing like crazy and preparing for the big move. In the middle of all the craziness, I managed to find time to make the jewelry cabinet that I have been asking for since last year (It was my birthday request from Michael, but he didn't want to build anything. Needless to say, it never happened.) It turned out awesome. (not the best photo but you get the idea)

All in all an awesome month. Bring on June!

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