July iPhone Photos

Besides our big family vacation to Utah, we did a few other things worth documenting:)

 Los Archos with the Family

Spaghetti Buffet

Tucker mowing the lawn with dad . . . with his helmet on:) Safety First!

Back to School Shopping with Jada
I have been waiting for this!!!!

Modeling her new clothes

Practice Bus Ride with Jada

Jada's "Back to School" dinner request. It's her favorite.


Memphis at 18 Months

Our cute little man is 18 months old! He is growing up so fast it is hard to keep up. He is still my baby, but really isn't a baby anymore. He is walking, running, jumping, climbing, and talking like crazy. He says everything, and likes to tell you what everything is (labeling). He is the happiest and cutest little guy. We love him to pieces! I wish he could stay this age forever.

As of July 21st, Memphis . . .
* weights 30 lbs 1 oz (97th percentile)
* is 34.6 inches tall (still off the charts)
* is talking like crazy and will say anything and everything anyone else says
* loves to be read to, but also enjoys looking through books on his own. Especially "Peek A Who" (though that one is phasing out), "Go Dogs Go" and "Things That Go"
* likes to wear the kids apron and play with their little kitchen
* is a pretty good listener and is usually obedient. If I tell him "no" he doesn't always obey the first time, but if I ask him if he wants to go to time out, he immediately stops whatever he is doing and says "no"
* loves to climb and has started getting himself stuck on top of things
* loves to play in boxes
* enjoys wearing Jada's purse and necklace around the house (and sometimes refuses to take it off when we try to leave)
* likes to be a "big boy" and enjoys laying with Jada and Tucker in their beds at bedtime while we sing to them
* loves playing with Tucker and Jada. Especially lightsaber wars:)
* got a new room in our new house!

* loves his blankies and tries to have 2-3 at a time
* calls his dad "Daddy O"
* rarely cries when put to bed, but usually stays awake talking to himself for awhile
* loves our new neighbor, Jackson (he is 3) and watches for him at the window. (He plays outside every day and the kids love watching for him, then joining him)
* also loves Jackson's dad and thinks he is pretty awesome to play with (he is always chasing/playing with the kids and they love it)
* likes putting underwear on his head
* got to go visit his cousins and family in Michigan in March
* often tells us when he is "poopy"
* loves airplanes and is always listening and watching for them
* has started singing
* enjoys cleaning up and often takes out tons of wipes and wipes the windows and floor:)
* flew on an airplane to Utah and back and did awesome
* only takes one nap
* chipped his front tooth:(

* is a great sleeper and is great at going to bed/nap. He rarely fusses and is happy to go to bed when the time comes
* loves water
* knows how to swim on his own using a puddle jumper and is happy to just get in the pool and do his thing. He loves the water
* loves milk
* says "no" more than I would like
* got to visit Zoo Atlanta a few times
* still loves to eat and is a good little eater
* has a handful of freckles
* loves to listen to music and dance/twirl around in circles
* has started going to nursery at church and is having a tough time
* loves to go outside and play
* knows where his belly button, fingers, hands, toes, feet, leg, belly, chin, cheeks, nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, hair, head, bottom, and elbows are
* doesn't care for TV or movies yet
* went on his first Father & Sons campout with Michael and Tucker and did awesome
* clasps his hands together when it is time to pray and says "Heavenly Father" and "Amen"
* is only missing 2 teeth
* got to see both the Jensen and Tucker side of the family last month (EVERYONE. IT WAS AWESOME)
* says and waves "hi" and "bye" to random people all the time and loves it
* LOVES slides
* constantly wants to eat. ALL. DAY.

And now for tons of pictures of our Boo Boo from the past 6 months:

Michael's parents and brother, Kurt, came to visit us in February. While they were here we visited the Wild Animal Park in southern Georgia and got to feed the animals. It was awesome. Memphis wasn't so sure about it though.

Our last minute trip to Michigan to see my Mom and Dad (and all the rest of our family there). We got to spend Easter with them and Memphis loved every second. Oh, and since I drove alone, we stayed in a hotel half way in Lexington, KY. The kids LOVED it.

Easter Morning (OK the Saturday before Easter Morning when our Easter Bunny comes)

My little Bunnies

One day back in March Memphis was just killing me with cuteness and I had to capture it. I am so glad I did. I just love all these photos!

 Zoo Atlanta Fun

Uncle Ryan comes to visit. Memphis's is introduced to Risk

Just chillin'

 Washing the cars together. Notice Memphis spraying himself in the face in the second photo:)

 Headed off to the Father & Son's Campout

Matching Cowboys

Mother's Day

I feel like I see this face a lot . . . 

We bought a house!

While on our Utah and Idaho Vacation:

Memphis with his cousins and his Grandma & Grandpa J AND Great Grandma & Grandpa Johnson

Feeding the ducks at BYU

Memphis and his buddy (and cousin), Carson:)

This is the only sweatshirt I could find in Bear Lake for the kids. I looked in four stores. I didn't plan for cold weather and they were freezing in their shorts and t-shirts

 A little tired?

Ryan & Meghann's Wedding (my little brother). As you can see someone missed their nap


Memphis's favorite part of the reception 

Seven Peaks

Our buddies the Leishman's

I love this kid.

Jada and Memphis: twins 4 years apart


Doing a little light reading

Nightly fun

My good little sleeper

Fun at the pool

Just hangin' with our besties


My little slide lover

Summer Fun

He refused to take it off . . . what was I to do:)