June in Review

June was another busy but awesome month for our family! So busy in fact that I never took our my real camera . . . so sorry for lots of iPhone photos. Thank goodness they have decent cameras these days!

On June 3rd we officially became home owners! We closed and signed on our home. This is seriously a dream come true. We couldn't be more excited for this! I started taking loads over on the 3rd, and every day the following week. A few of my friends here were so nice and took the kids during the day so that I could take loads over and could start moving us in. I can't even describe how helpful that was. I was able to get so much done it was amazing. By the time that our big moving day arrived, I already had everything in our closets and some food in the fridge. It was actually livable:) THANK YOU SO MUCH MELISSA, YA HUI, CANDICE, and ANGIE, y'all are the best!

June 11th, the big move. It was a crazy day! The kids and I spent the night at the new house on the 10th so that I could be here when the moving truck arrived. We woke up and I took the kids over to Candice's house for a few hours while all the moving was happening. I came back and prepared for the truck to arrive. Meanwhile, Michael, Lindsey, and a handful of guys from the ward were packing up our old rental. When they pocked it all in, then came to the new house to unload. It was so nice to have so many helpers. I made sure to be extra organized and color coded all the boxes so that I could tell everyone which room to put each box in, saving me from sorting later:) It was awesome. Thank you everyone who came to help us.

The moving went pretty smoothly with only a few scratches and dents on the wall and hardwood. As soon as everything was in, the men left, and Michael went back to return the rented moving truck. He then went straight to another family in the wards house to help them move. Yeah, busy man. He nearly killed himself. As for me, I quickly got dressed and went to the Activity Day's Tea Party that I was in charge of. Thanks to all the wonderful mothers, and Rochelle for hosting, it was a huge success and not too stressful for me.

After my little party, I picked up the kids and brought them back to our new house. I spent the rest of the day and following days unpacking and making our house our home.

Amid all the chaos, Jada (and now Tucker) still had swim team every morning, with meets on Thursdays. The meets were often long, but Jada really loved swimming in them. Thursday was her day that she looked forward to and asked about all week. Each week she got better and better. On the last meet of the season, she swam so amazing in all 3 of her races. She never stopped to rest, tried to touch the rope, or slowed down. She gave it her all and did awesome. We are so extremely proud of her. She really exceeded my expectations and amazed me. Go Jada Bug!

First Swim Meet

Last Swim Meet

This is Jada's typical nervous look

As for Tucker, he too started swim lessons every morning. The kids under 5 don't compete on Thursday, but still have practice daily. He also surprised us all at the Swim Team Awards Ceremony and swam across the pool (with his coach there just in case) all by himself. He had never done that before. He did surprise us and started swimming on his own mid June, but nothing close to as far as the width of the pool. But on the last day he did it. It was amazing! Tucker is one of those kids who can't be talked into or persuaded to do anything unless HE wants to, so I never tried to push him when it came to swimming. Some mornings getting him to go to his practice was quite a battle. Oh, it was the best. We were seriously beaming. I couldn't have been more proud.

Tucker & Annie

Swim Team Photos - sorry photos of prints
(Jada and Tucker are on the front row in the group photo)

I am so glad we did the swim team! I wasn't too sure about it at first, but I think it really was the best. I feel much better about taking my children to the pool now that they both can swim. I still watch them close, but Jada can swim everywhere with confidence and Tucker is getting better and better every day. Even Memphis learned how to use the puddle jumper! Taking all the kids to the pool without Michael is a lot of fun these days:)

June 14th - Jada got to go to her buddy, Ryder's, Army themed 5th birthday party. Here she is all dress up.

June 19th was Father's Day. It was pretty relaxing and enjoyable for all. The kids helped me make Michael breakfast in bed, and we tried to give him the day off, but that's just not Michael's style. The kids loved spending the day with Dad. We are so lucky to have him!

June 20th, we went to Zoo Atlanta again, but this time with different friends, the Olson's. The kids got to ride the train, play at the splash pad, ride the carousel, climb the nets, and see the animals. They were loving all the extra things we got to do this time. Thanks for the invite Angie, we love spending time with friends!

A few other random photos from the month:

Tucker having a blast on one of our "Park Hopper" days
(Our ward did a fun "Park Hopper" thing this summer and last. Each Thursday we tried out new parks in the area. Kellie was the leader and she picked some awesome parks. She's the bomb.)

Tucker's sweet outfit he picked out for himself to wear to attend a baptism . . . in 98 degree weather

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