Our Utah & Idaho Summer Vacation 2016

Our family was fortunate enough to spent a fun packed two week vacation in Utah and Idaho this month. We flew out on the 4th and were able to stay until the 18th, Michael included. It was the best.
We started off our vacation at my parents house. My sister-in-law, Jessica, and her kiddos flew out on the same day as us (Alex & Daisy actually flew with our family) and also stayed at my parents. The kids really loved having Alex and Daisy on the plane with us, they really were life savers. They also loved having cousins to play with once we got there. They are all so sweet to Jada, Tucker and Memphis. They love love love their cousins.

For the first few days we kept it low key. We went and saw Finding Dory, went to Rush Aquatics for a bit, and Michael and I got to go to the Logan Temple with my parents to be in the session when Meghann (my soon to be sister-in-law) took our her endowments.

The view from Ryan & Meghann's new apartment

On Thursday, we all drove down to Provo to go to Seven Peaks. It was really fun and the kids has a blast. Memphis especially liked the kids water slides! Jada and Tucker were more of the lazy river type. They did enjoy the slides too, but the river was where they wanted to be.

After a fun day there, we spent the nights at the Mounts home. It was so great to see them and be with them. We really miss their family.

The following morning we headed to BYU to visit the campus and to pick up some yummy goodness. The kids loved feeding the ducks. We failed to remember to pick up some bread, so with the limited time we had, we were forced to buy those ducks some fresh made BYU bread. Man those ducks are spoiled. It was worth it though. We sure miss the duck pond and the constant supply of ducks to feed.

Seven Peaks: Jess and the kids were here too, but poor Colby started throwing up from heat exhaustion and dehydration so they had to take him to the hospital:( They missed the photo

After Seven Peaks and BYU we headed over to Saratoga Springs to visit our besties, the Leishmans, for a few days. We of course, had the best time. Michael slipped away on Friday night for a guys night with his old freshman buddies, but the party continued. We were so grateful for every second we got to spend with them. It was the best. On Saturday we managed to get a babysitter for all the kids and were able to just go out on a double date. We went shopping at the outlets (that was supposed to be for me to get some shorts . . . but ended up being for Michael. I found nothing and he found a bunch), went to dinner, then went bowling and lasertagging:) (yes I know that isn't a word)

We left Sunday morning, drove to Syracuse to attend church with my family, then drove to Bear Lake where we spent the next 3 days with Michael's immediate family at the David Jensen Family Reunion. We rented a big cabin and had a wonderful time, despite the mad puking disease that spread like wildfire through the house. By some divine intervention, our family managed to escape the plaque. Before the majority of the house was bed ridden and vomiting, we managed to spend a fun filled day playing family games, going to the lake, playing putt putt, swimming at the pool, and playing around the house. Brent had a fun "Kids Sports Camp" for all the little ones, which they all loved. I went golfing for the first time ever! Like real golfing. Michael, Ben, Kimberly, Becca and I went out early the first morning and managed to play a round. It was really fun. I was pretty terrible, but on the 9th whole I hit a SWEET shot and had an awesome putt. So that as the best. Ranell prepared a fishing pond for the kids, we had a family FHE, got raspberry shakes, took family pictures, and ate lots of yummy food. It really was fun for our family. The kids loved playing with their cousins when they weren't quarantined:)

FHE with Grandpa

Our Amazing View

Sports Camp with Brent

The Fishing Pond

Fun at the Pool

Fun at the Lake

Putt Putt

At the Lake

Coloring with Aunt Becca


The Golfing Crew

Family Photos
(can you guess who was already puking at this point?!:))

On Wednesday morning, we packed up our things and headed to Logan, Utah, where we met my family at the Logan Temple for my little brother, Ryan's wedding. We made good time and everything went smoothly. We dropped the kiddos off at Ryan's apartment (which is literally right in front of the temple, its amazing) with my Aunt Karen, then headed inside with all my siblings.

I can't even describe how amazing and wonderful it was to be in the temple, in the sealing room, with all of my siblings, their spouses, and my parents. I remember my wedding day and how special that moment was, but to have my younger siblings there too this time and for our family to "be complete" if you will, it was just so awesome. It was not only a special day for Ryan and Meghann, but a special one for our entire family. I know we all felt the spirit so strongly. I feel so blessed to have been able to have had that experience. To have wonderful siblings (I include my in-laws here, I consider them my siblings) that are strong in their faith and in the gospel. Righteous siblings who are great examples to me and who are always there to build me up. We all have had struggles in life, but we all have stayed strong and leaned on the Lord and each other. My parents are amazing. I hope I can be as good as they were to us and are. I hope one day to be able to have a similar experience with all of our children.

Anyways, back to the wedding day. Ryan and Meghann got married, we took tons of pictures, had lots of laughs, went to the wedding luncheon, got to visit with lots of family, and best of all, WE got to all be together. All of our family. After the festivities we all went back to my parents and packed in the fun. (Oh, P.S. Tucker and Memphis looked ADORABLE in their matching outfits with suspender)

Tucker (Meghan's brother named after my dad), Tucker, and my dad (Kent Tucker)

Maimi & Poppi and all their happy grandchildren

Ones from their official photographer:

An updated family photo with the new addition, Meghann:)
(please ignore my photo bombing. I obviously used a remote and couldn't see that I was in a terrible spot and needed to move) 

We spent Thursday at Boondocks, a family fun center. It was THE BOMB. Seriously, it was the best thing ever. We bought an unlimited pass and spent the day doing whatever we pleased. We did batting cages, went putt putting, did bumper cars, went bowling (I bowled like 8 games! My first game I scored a 191! Boom baby. In my defense, I only bowled so many games because Memphis fell asleep on the couch during the first game so someone had to stay with him. In comes the remaining 7 games), did the arcades, played laser tag, ate pizza, and just lived it up. The kids really enjoyed themselves and went crazy.

Unfortunately the fun couldn't last forever, we got kicked out at 4PM for a private party. Bummer. But the fun didn't end there. We went home, got a babysitter, and then the adults went out for round 2 of fun. We went to the Mystery Escape Room in SLC and did their new room, "The Curse of Pharaohs Tomb". We had 60 minutes to get out, and well, we rocked it. It only took us 30. We didn't know going in that lots of the clues were in Arabic, and it just so happens that my brother-in-law, Adam, speaks Arabic, so that really sped things up for us. I was a little bummed in the end that it was so quick. It left me unsatisfied and wanting more adventure:) But it was fun and we moved on.

We all went out to dinner at some Chinese place in Bountiful, then headed home to relieve the babysitter. It was really fun to get out with the adults, to get to know Meghann a little better, and to have some fun together. Our family loves games so this was right up our alley.

The next morning most of the adults (with the exception of my pregnant sister, Dantzel) and some of the kiddos (including Jada) hiked up to Waterfall Canyon. It was tougher than I was prepared for mentally, but we all made it, and it was worth it. Thank you Dantzel for watching the boys so that Michael and I could go together with Jada. It really was a neat experience.

After a long and tiring hike, we got us some El Matador for lunch, picked up some "Thank You" Sees chocolate for Dantzel, then headed back.

That evening was Ryan and Meghann's wedding reception. It was so fun to see and catch up with so many friends and family members. Lots of people I haven't seen in years. It was wonderful. Long for the kiddos, but fun. It was a happy and joyous occasion! In case you can't tell, Memphis loved the cake:) And I loved that he loved it.

Saturday morning I woke up early and took some family photos for my Aunt DiAnn and her family. It was so fun to see them and to get to spend an hour or so with them. They are the best. When I finished with that, I came back, packed the car, then our little family headed to Idaho.

We spent the remainder of Saturday and Sunday morning with the Jensen family again and the extended Johnson family at their reunion. We were supposed to go to all of it originally, but with my brothers wedding, plans had to change a little. Anyways, we had a great time seeing family, chatting, and enjoying each other in Idaho.

Enjoying the beautiful scenery

The Cheez-It challenge
You are not a Jensen if you don't love Cheez-It's

Everyone loves Grandpa J's "Magic Finger" trick, especially Tucker!
Funny story: A few months ago Tucker and I were talking about magic. He was asking all these questions about magicians and tricks. I was explaining to him that magic wasn't real, its a trick, an illusion. Tucker wasn't sad about it, but rather liked that he knew better. He was smarter than to fall for their tricks. At the end of the conversation Tucker said, "Yeah mom, magic isn't real . . . except for Grandpa J's magic finger. He really does have a magic finger!" To which I replied, "Yes, except for Grandpa J's magic finger":)

After church on Sunday, we ate lunch, then headed back to Syracuse. We spent the rest of our trip there with my family. The kids used their time wisely, playing with their cousins as much as possible, even attempting a slumber party. They were all so happy. Memphis loved all the attention, and Tucker and Jada were in heaven. It really was a wonderful trip.

Water Wars

On Monday morning we snuck in a trip to the Hill Air Force Base Museum and lunch at Tony's pizza before taking naps and packing up.

Unfortunately the time came for us to fly home. Luckily, my brother and his family were on the same flight, so once again, the kids had their cousins to entertain them and play with them. It was awesome. Even with our 1:45AM arrival time, the kids did great. Memphis was a champ. Everyone was exhausted when we finally got home.

To top the vacation all off, our cousins spent the night AND the kids slept in until 10:30AM. That has NEVER happened. Like ever. 10:30 Y'ALL!!!

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