Jada Goes to Kindergaren!

I can't not believe that I have a child in Kindergarten! I don't feel old enough to have kids in school. But alas, I am:)

Jada has been so ready and excited for this day. She has been asking for months, "when do I get to go to school?" Well the day arrived. Jada could barely sleep the night before and the next few days. She was so worried she would be late or would miss the bus (which is one of her favorite things about going to school). She never wants us to drop her off. She really loves the bus. Luckily she is the last stop going to school, and the first stop coming home:)

I walked with her to school on the first day so that I could make sure she got to her class and was settled. As we were walking in, one of her friends, Laura, was getting dropped off too. I think seeing her just added to the excitement she already felt. She really was on cloud 9 about school. I took her to her class, said goodbye, and let her go. No tears from her or myself.We met her teacher the week before at their, Meet & Greet, and Jada already really liked her (Ms. Cochran). She is in good hands and I know it.

Dear Jada,

I couldn't be more excited for you! I can't believe my little girl is starting school. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I was holding you in my arms, so excited and nervous about becoming a mother. My little Jada bug.

You are going to love it. You have always loved to learn and love to be social. I know you will excel at anything you put your mind to.

Remember to be kind. Always be nice and respectful to others. Pay attention to those around you and try to look out for anyone who needs a friends. Be there friend. Be a good friend. Don't always do the talking, let your friends tell you thing and listen. Listen to what they say. If they did something fun, be excited for them. If something sad happened or they got hurt, give them a hug and feel sad with them.

Always tell the truth. Try your hardest. Never give up. Speak respectfully to your teachers, helpers, and friends. Always listen the first time and obey.

Remember who you are and what you stand for. Treat others like you want to be treated. Be happy, spread joy, and smile as much as possible.

And of course, have fun. Learn as much as you can. Your dad and I are so proud of you and we love you so much!

Love, Mom

 Go Mustangs!

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