Tucker is 4

Our little man is growing up! He has changed a lot in the past year and grown so much. A few things about our 4 year old Tucker, he:

* weighs 43 pounds (93rd percentile) and is 42 inches tall (85th percentile)
* enjoys dressing up in his Batman, Buzz Lightyear, lion, Spiderman, fireman, and other costumes
* still loves playing with cars and planes, but not as often as before
* loves playing with his big sister and baby brother
* has learned how to tease his little brother and often gets in trouble for it. Poor Memphis doesn't know what to do
* loves hearing stories from dad after scriptures when going to bed
* loves playing with his Magna Tiles he got his birthday
* enjoys learning and knows most of his letters and the sounds they make. He can't read yet, but is getting close. We have been slowly starting to teach him
* loves writing his name all by himself.
* thinks he knows everything
* has started to enjoy coloring and drawing things. The scribbles are less and less. He likes drawing people and animals
* loves the colors red, green, and purple (like Poppi)
* loves listening to music and especially Scripture Scouts
* loves playing with his Buzz Lightyear toy and cant wait to have the basement finished
* is getting better and better about eating whatever we give him
* still takes a good 2 hour + nap every day
* loves to play pretend with Jada. They enjoy playing family, making up games, playing with their figurines, and being outside together
* has started to have an opinion about what clothes he wants to wear. He doesn't like mom to pick out his clothes anymore
* is his dads best bud
* is usually a good big brother and is pretty sweet to Memphis
* loves "reading" and looking through books. He especially loves the Usborne "Look Inside" books like "Look Inside the Airport", "Look Inside Your Body", and "Look Inside Space"
* loves playing outside with our new neighbors
* is great for others. I am always being told by his teachers how great of a listener he is and how he is always so sweet
* has loved going to preschool and is excited every time he goes.
* has developed quite an attitude. He has been struggling with talking back and is just getting worse:( Hopefully this too is a phase
* wants to be a soccer player when he grows up
* loves his friends and loves any play date he can go on
* is so happy to have Maimi and Poppi here for awhile
* love his best friend, Annie Munk, and want to play with her every day he can. They really do play so well together. They never fight and are always so nice to each other. Its been great
* is pretty cute when he is happy and kind
* loves going to the beach and is so excited to go to the "beach house" in a few weeks
* still loves pizza, mac and cheese, kiwis, smoothies, and breadsticks:)

We are so grateful to have Tucker in our family. Tucker and I struggle a lot, but those times when he is happy and kind make the other days all worth it. He can be such a sweet and adorable little man when he wants to be. Despite all the tears shed, worry, and frustration, I really do love my Mr. T and am so happy he is in our family.

A few of my favorite photos:
Our proud little swimmer!

Best Buds

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