Seagrove Family Vacation 2016

Since our check in time for our beach rental wasn't until 4PM, we had plenty of time to pack up and get everything ready on Monday morning. Everyone woke up excited and ready to go.

Monday, September 26th:
I woke up at 6AM, got dressed, and ran to Home Depot so that I could be there as soon as it opened to get a few last minute things for my dad so that he could fix an electrical problem in the basement before we left. When I got back, Dad and Michael went to work while mom and I got the kids ready and us all packed. It was a little bit stressful, but we managed to get it all together and got the van all packed and ready to go.

I started off as the driver with Michael and mom in the back with the kids. I get car sick really easily these days so I am usually the designated driver. If the kids aren't too needy, I can sit in the passengers seat and would be just fine. But more often then not they need a drink, or a snack, or headphones, or _____, so the drivers seat is usually where I stay. Anyways, I started off our drive. The kids happily watched a few movies while the adults chatted. We stopped in Columbus, GA, for some lunch. The kids, and Poppi, picked Chick-fil-A, while I really wanted Pita Pit (it's a favorite of mine and they don't have any around Marietta). Luckily they were really close so we all got what we wanted.

After a quick lunch break, we hopped back in the car to finish our drive. Poppi took the wheel this time, and I enjoyed a little cat nap while the kids watched Mary Poppins for the first time. After a short nap, I helped navigate our way to the beach as we got closer. We were sure to stop for some Bob's boiled peanuts on our way. They are famous around those parts. I will admit, they are pretty tasty. But I will also advise not to get the cajun. Not so good. I usually love cajun but whatever flavoring they use just isn't quite right. It's pretty gross actually. Anyways, back to the trip. After our quick pit stop, we got back on our way and arrived in Seaside making good time.

On our way in, we stopped at Publix to pick up some refrigerated items and groceries, then headed to the beach house. This year we stayed a little further east down 30A at the "Seaside Cottage" from Oversees Rentals. After unpacking all our bags, and getting settled, I ordered us some Mexican food while the kids and Michael went for a swim in the pool. They were so excited to have a pool they couldn't resist. Maimi and I went and picked up the food and we all ate some delicious dinner. I think everything we got was a hit.

After dinner, the kids went to bed and the adults attempted to watch the 1st Clinton & Trump Presidential Debate. I say attempt because it was hard to watch. It is so sad to me that this is what it has come to. I felt like I was watching children argue. I could only take so much before we had to turn it off. We all were pretty tired from the long day and decided to call it a night.

Tuesday, September 27th:
The kids woke up bright and early as expected:) We ate breakfast, got ready, and headed to the beach. It was perfect weather and early enough that not many people were out. We practically had the beach to ourselves. We spent the morning looking for dolphins (we saw tons!), swimming in the warm water (I stepped on a stingray but luckily didn't get stung! I also saw a few jelly fish), playing in the sand, and enjoying the sun.

After a few hours, we headed back to the house for naps. While all the kids napped, the adults played a few games of Euchre, then Michael and I went on a fun bike ride down 30A to the Snappy Turtle for a few souvenirs while Maimi and Poppi stayed with the kids. Then when we got back, they went out for a ride.

When the kids woke up we decided to try out the Chanticleer Eatery for lunch, and boy are we glad we did. It was awesome. I ordered the Southern Summer Salad and it was so delicious. Everyone loved what they ordered. The top of the meal, we got their White Chocolate Coconut Cookies for dessert and in all honesty, they are THE BEST COOKIE I HAVE EVER EATEN. They were AMAZING!! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Oh so perfectly soft and delicious. It was a huge win!

We spent the afternoon swimming in the pool and hot tub while listening to music. The kids were all in heaven. Even little Memphis was loving all the water fun with his puddle jumper. The kids all love the water. Tucker and Jada both practiced their swimming without floats and were doing awesome.

Around 5PM we headed back down to the beach to watch the sunset. While the kids played we took a few photos and met some new friends. The adults talked to a young couple while Jada and Tucker made some friends of their own. Their friends taught them all about crab hunting in the dark. By the end of the evening Jada was so brave and was even picking up the crabs all by herself. We were all impressed. The kids had caught tons of little white crabs using their flashlights.

When we got back to the house Michael treated the kids to a Popsicle pool party! He is the best. The kids were loving ever second. We came in, ate a few snacks, and put the kids to bed. Before they fell asleep I asked the kids what their favorite things from the day were: Jada said, "the Popsicle pool party, going to the beach, sleeping in the bunk beds, learning to crab hunt with my new friends, and seeing the dolphins" while Tucker said, "crab hunting, playing at the beach, popsicles at the pool, sleeping in the bunk beds, being at the beach house, and seeing dolphins." Apparently they loved it all:)

Michael and I spent the evening in the hot tub and watching some TV with mom and dad. I fell asleep watching the movie.

Wednesday, September 28th:
Last night was a little rough for Memphis and me. He woke up in the night with a fever and wouldn't let me put him down. So I spend many sleepless hours on the couch trying to make him comfortable enough to fall asleep and stay sleep. I was uncomfortable myself but didn't dare move.

I eventually got Memphis to lay next to me in bed, but that didn't help me sleep either. After so long, I just got up and decided to make a quick Publix run for some medicine while everyone was sleeping. While I went out, the kids woke up, ate, and got ready to go down to the beach. When I got back we all went together. We spent the morning doing our usual thing: looking for dolphins, playing, relaxing, making friends, and getting pinched by crabs. Ok, that was just Maimi, but I won't lie, it kept me out of the water for awhile.

While at the beach Memphis wasn't himself. His fever came back and he was pretty upset, so I took him back to the house while everyone else stayed at the beach. I got him some Tylenol and snacks, then put on some TV for him to watch while I held him. He immediately calmed down. His fever slowly came down with time.

An hour or so later, everyone returned from the beach, we ate lunch, and everyone took a nap:) When everyone was well rested, we headed to Seaside to have some yummy lunch at the Great Southern Cafe. Michael got his favorite, their shrimp and grits, and my dad followed suit. It didn't disappoint. After lunch, we were sure to stop at Dawson's for some ice cream and fudge. Another win.

We hurried home, got dressed, and headed back to the beach to take some family photos at sunset. It worked out perfectly. We took our pictures, flew our kites, watched the sunset, and the kids got to go crab hunting again with their friends.

While putting the kids to bed we asked them, once again, what their favorite things from the day were: Jada said, "crab hunting, getting new markers from the Duckies (at Seaside), flying the kite, getting ice cream, swimming in the pool, playing at the beach and meeting my her friend McKenzie, and playing in the waves on the tube", Tucker said, "getting a bow and arrow from Duckies, flying the kite, going crab hunting, showing off my skills in the pool (swam from one end to the other without help), ice cream, the beach house, and eating Totinos pizza", and Memphis said, "ice cream, jumping into the pool, my new "Bear" (a stuffed lamb), and Poppi".

Thursday, September 29th:
Memphis had another rough night. Michael took his turn holding him most of the night. When morning came, we packed up and went to the Donut Hut for a yummy breakfast. We came back and enjoyed our donuts with milk on the front porch. When everyone was done, the kids and Michael swam in the pool for "5 minutes" (more like 30) before we all headed to the beach.

The beach had lots of waves. The kids loved tubing with dad and Maimi and enjoyed riding the waves in. Poppi and I stayed with Memphis under the umbrella taking turns holding him and trying to keep him happy and cool. He did much better today. While Poppi held him, I let the kids bury me in the sand, which they thought was awesome.

When everyone started getting hungry, we headed back to the house. I went and picked up some pizza and salad from Angelina's while everyone swam and relaxed by the pool. When I returned we had a fun "Pizza Pool Party" which the kids thought was awesome. We all really enjoyed the pizza and salad. It was quite tasty!

After lunch, the kids all napped, then played in the pool again. Around 5PM, we headed back down to the beach to fly kites and watch the sunset for the last time this vacation. We went for walks on the beach, took a few more photos, flew kites, and of course, crab hunted. Our friends weren't out, so Michael, Maimi, and I went out with Tucker and Jada while Poppi held Boo. Jada was usually the crab grabber, but tonight Tucker worked up the courage to grab some himself! He did awesome. They caught over 30 crabs!

Once the sun had been down for awhile and it was pretty dark, we decided to head back up to the house. The kids took a quick bath in the big jacuzzi, had Mac and Cheese, then got ready for bed. Jada said her favorite things from the day were, "the pizza party, beach, crab hunting, donuts, and taking a bath", Tucker said, "crab hunting, kite flying, I PICKED UP THE CRABS!, pizza and Popsicle pool party, bath in the big tub, and mac and cheese."

Jada and Tucker were exhausted and went to sleep quickly. Memphis on the other hand was struggling (because of his fever) and wouldn't let me put him down. I ended up falling asleep with him in our bed.

Friday, September 30th:
Everyone woke up a little bummed that we had to head home. The kids swam in the pool with Michael while Maimi, Poppi, and I packed up the house and car. Around 10, we all piled into the car and started our drive home. We made sure to stop at the beach one last time to say goodbye then drove back to Atlanta. It was a LONG drive home. I made the mistake of waiting too long to stop for lunch. Everyone started to complain and everyone was starving, but there was no where to stop. Everyone got a little bit grouchy! Oops. Luckily we found a Wendy's, and made it back and just in time to pick up Mom and Dad's rental car for them to drive to Charleston to help Rhet and Jessica out. I think we got to the rental car place with about a minute to spare. Yikes!

Drive home aside, it was a wonderful vacation and exactly what we needed. I had been a bit overwhelmed with the basement and all that I had left to do, but was able to let it all go and just relax for a few days. Once again, Seagrove didn't disappoint. And we LOVED having Maimi and Poppi with us!

We'll be back! Until next year, Florida!

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