November in Review

 November was a busy month for me photography wise. I was busy taking other families pictures and failed to take any of my own. So once again, iPhone to the rescue.

When you sneak and turn on the water, but don't really know what you are doing . . .

An awesome scarecrow drawing by Jada

Leaf fun with the neighbors 

I voted!

The Center for Puppetry and Arts
(we went as a Preschool to see Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer)

Working out with Daddy

Memphis's new favorite thing . . . dogpiles!

The transition into nursery has been rough . . .

Poor Boo:(

All passed out. The best way to drive

 Highlights from our Thanksgiving Break in Charleston
(for Colby's baptism)

Michael's 31st Birthday

Colby's Baptism

Chuck E Cheese


Decorating the Christmas Tree

We waiting a little longer than usual, but we got the tree up! I LOOOOOVE the smell of a fresh, live, Christmas tree. Oh it's the best. The kids, Michael, Poppi, and I all had a wonderful time putting up the tree while listening to Christmas music. Only one ornament broke this year. Woohoo!


Michael's 31st Birthday

Poor Michael never gets his birthday properly documented. I was feeling a bit guilty about it, and have realized I need to do better. I am usually busy planning the day and making sure I am doing as much as possible to make it special, that I forget to take pictures! Luckily for me, Michael doesn't care. He never expects anything for himself and is always looking out of others. He is the best.

This year since his birthday fell while we were in Charleston, we took the opportunity to use our free babysitters and spent the day together. We started our day off with a fun trip to the outlet mall. Michael got tons of new work clothes and a new suit. He was pretty excited about not only the awesome deals we found at Brooks Brothers, but the fact that they had a ton of shirts he loved. Usually those two don't go together.

We had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wing, shopped until we dropped, and just enjoyed each others company kid free. It really was an awesome day.

We ended the evening with Michael's favorite cake, OBB's Carrot Cake Supreme, and fun with the family. It was perfect.