November in Review

 November was a busy month for me photography wise. I was busy taking other families pictures and failed to take any of my own. So once again, iPhone to the rescue.

When you sneak and turn on the water, but don't really know what you are doing . . .

An awesome scarecrow drawing by Jada

Leaf fun with the neighbors 

I voted!

The Center for Puppetry and Arts
(we went as a Preschool to see Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer)

Working out with Daddy

Memphis's new favorite thing . . . dogpiles!

The transition into nursery has been rough . . .

Poor Boo:(

All passed out. The best way to drive

 Highlights from our Thanksgiving Break in Charleston
(for Colby's baptism)

Michael's 31st Birthday

Colby's Baptism

Chuck E Cheese

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