Christmas Festivities

Since we were going to be spending our first Christmas at home, we had to start our own traditions. Of course we kept some of our usual traditions, but this time we had to do them on our won.

I built up the courage to make moms gingerbread houses, and it all went pretty smoothly. The kids loved decorating their houses. Memphis wasn't as into the decorating as much as he was the eating of the candy. He was filling his house and chair up with candy trying to stow it away for later. It was pretty awesome. I am glad I took the time to make these houses and to have this tradition with our family.

Another family tradition: acting out the nativity. I have never had to try to do it with just our little family, but I learned very quickly how tricky it is:) We invited Maimi and Poppi to help us out. We webchatted with them and had them read the scripture account while we all acted it out. It was a little crazier than I expected, but we did it!

My sweet Boo Boo Bear. He loves his Christmas jammies!

Michael's family has a tradition of caroling. Michael tries every year to get me to go to the neighbors caroling with him and the kids . . . but I always give him the VETO. I don't mind it in larger groups, but really it's just not something I love. Well, this year we found the perfect compromise, caroling at a local Nursing Home. It was perfect. People who actually want to hear us sing and are happy to have us there.

We had a fun night with our friends the Munks, Nielsens, Roberts, and Meiers, caroling to the old folks, then getting dinner together at Maddio's. It was great.

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