Happy 6th Birthday Jada!

It's been a great birthday year for the Jensen family! Maimi and/or Poppi have been able to celebrate ALL of our birthdays with us (Ok, everyone but Memphis. But he won't remember).

After our Thanksgiving in Charleston, Maimi flew to Minnesota to help the Rhodes family and the arrival/birth of Sophie, so Poppi came back to Atlanta with us to help us put some finishing touches on the basement.

Jada was so excited to have Poppi here. Lindsey and Kenny came up for the day too, which made her day extra special. We spent the morning celebrating her and doing what she wanted. We opened gifts, had a cake walk (per Jada's request), ate Shopkins cupcakes, and played around the house. All Jada wanted for her birthday was Shopkins and more Shopkins! Oh, and a party with her friends of course.

Opening Gifts
Jada did get some Shopkins, but she also got some PJs, books, and other fun things

Shopkins Cupcakes

Cake Walk

After a day of fun, we headed over to Savannah Terry's house for their combined Movie Birthday Party. Jada and Savannah invited all of their church classmates, and a handful of their school classmates. All together there were over 20 kids! It was pretty crazy!

They ate pizza, watched Finding Dory, had popcorn, and ate cake and ice cream. They both thought it was perfect.  Jada is so lucky to have such wonderful friends! She was so spoiled!

 Savannah's daddy let her pick out the birthday cake, and this was her pick. Pretty awesome:) Savannah and Jada both loved it and thought it was awesome.

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