Kindergarten Holiday Breakfast


A few days before Christmas break, Jada's class had their "Holiday Breakfast". She was so excited for her brothers and dad to see her class and to meet all her friends.

Jada loves her sweet teacher Ms. Cochran, and her assistant teachers Mrs. Douglas and Mrs. Pepe. She has been loving Kindergarten and her new friends and school. Jada's best friends are Lily & Grace Rapplean, Amelia Herring, and Amber Byars. Jada gets along with all her classmates, and loves to play chase with all the boys at recess.

We had a wonderful time meeting all her friends, their parents, and her teachers. They all speak so highly of Jada and say she is always helping her classmates out and going above and beyond. We sure love our sweet Jada and are so glad she was placed in Ms. Cochran's class. She has been perfect for her and has made the transition into school so easy and smooth.

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