Ward Christmas Breakfast

The Elders Quorum was in charge of the Ward Christmas Breakfast this year, which meant, lots of work for Michael and I. Candice, Ashley, Melissa, and I were asked to be in charge of the backdrop for Santa, and the food pick up. I priced it all out and figured out how much and where to get everything, then Candice and Melissa did the shopping. We all worked together to create a fun backdrop for our Santa, and it turned out awesome.

Dad did a great job planning the event and making sure that everything was taken care of. There was a mix up with the Santa's, but dad saved the day and made sure everything was in place. He even got us a photographer for the morning (someone in the ward offered). It turned out perfect. The food was great, and all the kids were so excited to see Santa, and he did amazing. We really liked him and can't wait for him to come back next year. It was a huge success! Way to go Dad!

The Set Up

The Men at Work

Santa and the Kids

As you can see, Memphis was NOT a fan

The Breakfast Fun

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