A Rough Start

December has been rough.

We started off the month with a miscarriage. At 10 weeks I went in for the ultrasound and there was no heartbeat to be found. Baby had stopped growing around 6 weeks and that was it. I waited for a few days and my body did what it was supposed to. While I was obviously saddened by the loss, I had felt all along like something was wrong and knew that this wouldnt have been a healthy baby. Mentally I knew it was the right thing, but emotionally I struggled a bit.

To make things a little worse, about 4 days after the miscarriage our pipes all backed up. I went in our bathroom to find a few inches of standing water in our shower, and the same thing in the other shower on the main level. After calling around all day we finally got a plumber to come help us fix it. Turns out those tampons I was using from the previous mess got stuck on a huge root blocking about 85% of our pipes. The plumbers temporarily fixed the clog, and quoted us a good $5000 to fix the root:(

Fast forward another couple days . . . on the following Friday I went to the bus stop with the boys as usual to pick up Jada from the bus. I parked in my usual spot. As the bus started to pass me it kept getting closer and closer, until BAM. She sideswiped me. My poor van was smashed on the tail end. Luckily no one was hurt and it really wasn't a big deal (aside from the fact that my car needed serious work)

I about lost it. I didn't understand why all these things had to happen within two weeks of each other! Couldn't I have some time to recover!?

But life happens. Everything worked out. We met some great people along our path.

UPDATE: We ended up betting the pipes roto rootered and that was a good temporary fix until we are ready to pay the big bucks, and once I got in touch with the correct person, Cobb County was awesome and hooked us up with a Tahoe while our van was in the shop for a month. It all worked out, but boy was it rough going for awhile.