Twins Gender Reveal!

Last Monday, October 30th was the BIG DAY! I have had ultrasounds with every appointment, but these babies were being stubborn and keeping us guessing.

That Monday morning, Jada went to school, Michael went to work, I dropped Tucker off at preschool, and Memphis and I headed to my doctors appointment and ultrasound! Since it was my 20 week appointment, we got lots of extra time with the ultrasound and visit. We were able to take lots of measurements and saw the babies moving around a ton. And of course, we finally were able to see what these sweet babies are!

After the appointment, we went to Party City and got our balloons filled and ready to go. I had previously ordered huge 36" black round balloons (which as you can see in the photos below were not quite blown up to their potential . . . the lady helping me was so sure they would pop if she put any more helium in them), as well as 2 packs of blue confetti and 2 packs of pink. That way I had every option covered. So after we were sure, Memphis and I went and prepared the balloons.

As soon as Michael got home from work we had our little party. I asked a friend, Monique, to come over to record it for me. I have the option on my camera to film, but wasn't confident in my abilities and this was a big moment. Lucky for me, she was so sweet to come film it for us!

It was pretty fun! Originally I was hoping Jada would pop one, and Tucker the other, but Jada was too scared (she hates popping balloons). So, Tucker ended up being the popper of both. Memphis tried on Baby B, but wasn't quite able to do it and ended up getting scared. Tucker was happy to take over and do it all.

Our official balloon popper, excited and ready to go with the "Baby A" balloon!

 And now for "Baby B"

 We are all so excited to be having a BOY and a GIRL! It is perfect.

Jada is beyond excited to have a little sister, something she has been asking for for years. (Though you may not be able to tell from the photos . . . poor Jada wasn't feeling well and ended up being diagnosed with Strep a few days later) Tucker and Memphis are equally excited. Everyone was hoping for at least one girl so everyone was happy. No tears! Yay!

We are all looking forward to March and welcoming these sweet babies into our family. They are already so loved!

 To see the AMAZING video my friend made, click HERE:


October in Review

 Other October Festivities in no particular order:

Ward Trunk-or-Treat
(unfortunately we got rained out of the parking lot, but luckily they were on top of it and had a great back up plan that worked out perfectly)

Halloween Night!

Memphis riding his Balance Bike for the first time!

My big helper! He carried this ham all the way up the stairs from the car

Murdock Elementary's Fall Festival. The Face Painting was the beset part by far!

Nailed it! I tried to sew Jada a new shirt. Seriously everything looked like it should have worked out. I compared the pieces to another similar top she has, was careful, and somehow this is how it turned out. Hahahah. At least it gives me a good laugh

Adult Halloween Party
(The first photo is of our costume winner: Gramma Wolf, and the others are of all the guys and girls able to attend. I am so grateful for such a fun and amazing group of friends!)

1st Grade Art Show

PE Performance

More Halloween Fun at the YMCA

Memphis was upgraded to a "big boy" bed

My Skeleton Boys


Hillcrest Orchard

One of my friends here organized a preschool field trip for all the preschool aged children to go have a tour of Hillcrest Orchards up in mountains in Ellijay, GA. They did something similar last year, but we weren't able to make it, so I was excited to get to go this year. (I should say that we *did* go last year but not with the preschool group. I think we ended up going the day after or something like that)

All in all, it wasn't as great as I hoped. Last year when we were there, there were so many more things to do, but this time maybe since it was during the week and right before Halloween, they had over half the stuff closed which was a big bummer. BUT, the kids still had fun with their friends and enjoyed what we DID get to do.

Like . . . taste testing their apple cider, milking Buttercup (I got to milk her too for a second which was my first time ever milking a cow so that was big!), learning about how the orchard was started and harvested, learning all about cows and bulls and the different things we use them for, taking a wagon ride, playing with the water/duck shooters, going down big slides, playing at the playground, going on a zip line, feeding goats, petting kittens and chicks, and finally getting some FRESH apple cider donuts (that just melted in your mouth), apples, fudge, popcorn, and apple cider to take home to Michael and Jada. The food at the end made it all worth it:)

A few photos from our adventures:

Getting the corn off the cobs for the cows

Apple Cider Tasting

Milking Buttercup

Learning all about Cows and Bulls

Wagon Ride

Duck Races and Water Shooters
(notice Tuckers face in these)

Pushing Annie on the Swings

Zip Line Fun!

The Petting Zoo