Jada is 7!

It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that our oldest is 7 going on 15. Where did the time go?! I feel like the time before she was in school and we were going and doing whatever we wanted wasn't that long ago, and yet at the same time, she seems so much older and mature, its like she has been in school forever.

As of December 3rd, 2017, Jada:
* is 48.75 inches tall (putting her in the 65th percentile for height), slowing down in the height department
* weighs 59 pounds (putting her in the 79th percentile for weight), she is slowly thinning out
* loves to do math and really loves it when her dad makes up problems for her to figure out. She really is good at math. She takes after both her parents in that department. (Unfortunately Michael and I had the same strengths in our schooling, and Math was one of them. Our kids are doomed when it comes to grammar though, sorry guys.)
* loves playing outside with her brothers and friends as often as she can
* is very imaginative
* is beyond excited to have a sister (and brother) soon!
* enjoys reading when she isn't forced to read
* loves to be in charge and tries to be a second mom in the house
* is terrified of most animals, expecially dogs
* is a collector and enjoys having whatever is the "big thing" that everyone else has . . . even if she never plays with it or does anything with it. She just likes to have it
* is too good at reading that Michael and I can't spell things to each other anymore. She always figures it out
* can be the sweetest big sister to her brothers when she wants to be
* loves going to visit her cousins any chance she gets
* enjoys learning how to cook and is trying to learn to make some things on her own
* is still our best eater by far, and always eats whatever I make or put in front of her, even if she doesn't really care for it
* loves going on dates with Mom or Dad when its her turn
* is so excited to be baptized this year when she turns 8!
* is a fantastic little swimmer and is looking forward to doing swim team again this year
* enjoys drawing and is a pretty good little artist
* is a great helper and is always looking out for people she can help at school after she has completed her assignments
* has gotten a bit of an attitude this past year, making me a little scared for her teen years. Yikes
* talked us into letter her do the after school Science Club in January and can't wait to start
* is apparently my mini-me
* likes to be right and is stubborn about what she "knows" (which is apparently nearly everything)
* still loves a good snuggle
* hates doing homework
* loves to have her dad put her to bed because he tells her fun stories and snuggles with her. (Sorry Jada, but 7:30 mom is ready to check out)
* hopefully will be such a good little helper when these babies come

We sure love you little Jada Bug, even though you aren't so little anymore. You want to be older and do things that older kids get to do. You enjoy being independent and in charge whenever possible, which is good at times. We love watching you be a big sister and play so well with your brothers. I just love hearing you all laugh and play together. We are so excited for you to have a little sister, I know this has been your dream for years and I am so happy it is coming true. I hope you both have a special bond and grow close like me and my sisters have. Sisters are the best. We love you Jada!

Jada at 7 years old

 Opening up gifts and Eating cake

A few of my favorite pictures from this year . . .


November in Review

Some Highlights from November:

Dates with my "Main Man Memphis"
(Both the other kids had play dates, so Memphis and I went out to brunch at J Christopher's)
He ordered himself a parfait

Poor Jada had a rough month. First she got strep, then about a week later had a terrible reaction to the amoxicillin:(

Memphis has quite the fashion sense these days:)

Jada's 1st Grade class did a cute presentation for Thanksgiving. It as fun to go feast with them and to see what they have been working on. They all did awesome.

Michael took Jada on a special surprise date to the Melting Pot one evening. She loved it!

Jada (and her friend Savannah who I failed to get a picture of) had a little birthday celebration on the Monday before Thanksgiving. She and Savannah decided last minute to have a combined party so it ended up being more like 2 parties that just happen to be doing the same things at the same time:) Everyone met for lunch together, then we all went and say "Leap" together at the theater. They both thought it worked out great, phew.

I failed to take a big group picture, but this is a couple photos of Jada and her "crew". Lily, Grace, Amber, and Bella. Some of her besties.

This year we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time. Michael's brother and his family joined us from Athens, as well as, one other family who lives close that we are friends with. It was fun to all be together and to have lost of delicious food. It was pretty simple, but perfect for me.

For Michael's birthday (the night before), we were able to go out on a date. For part of our evening, we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see their Christmas Lights display. It was pretty cool. If only it were cheaper . . . the kids would have loved it.

We celebrated Michael's 32nd Birthday family style

Took our little biking gang to the park for some riding on Michael's birthday. He loves taking the kids to the park.

Then tried out the Marietta Pizza Company for his birthday dinner. Yum!

And of course, had cake and ice cream. "Michael" requested a ninja cake. He may have had a little influence.

And finally . . . bought and decorated our Christmas Tree:)

All in all, I would say it was pretty great month.