January Phone Photos

A collection of photos I found on my phone documenting some of the January fun we had.

Boo Boo Bear with all his blankies and stuff animals
(Foxy, Bear, Peanut, and Owl)

Mischief Managed. All day. Every day.

Jada wanted to make Tucker and I lunch one day. Her first! She is a girl after her dads heart, crackers, cheese, sandwiches, and other kid favorites:)

Preschool handprint Queens by Tucker and Memphis

Best Buds. Matching Brothers

Day date with Memphis while Tucker is at Preschool.
He picked donuts!

Future banker


Memphis is 2

Memphis, you are so loved. You melt our hearts with your cute personality and loving nature. You are at the best age and say the cutest things. I literally feel like my heart could burst from the happiness and joy you bring into our lives.

As of January 21st, you:

* weighs 33 pounds 9 ounces (85th percentile)
* is 38 inches tall (still above the 100th percentile)
* love reading books. Your favorites are "Nibbles", "Go Dog Go", "Little Red Penguin Shapes" and "All Better"
* love stuffed animals. You currently have Peanut (your elephant), Bear (your lamb), Owl (your owl), Foxy (your fox), and now BB8 and Nemo
* have started talking in sentences and are good at letting others know what you want. Everyone can understand you and you speak very clearly
* are very independent
* love climbing and getting things yourself. You can often be found in the fridge, on the counter, in the cupboards, playing in the bathroom sinks with water all over the floor, or in the pantry eating all the applesauce pouches that you know how to open
* are a great eater (unless you hear one of your siblings say something is gross or nasty)
* wake up every day between 6:30 and 7AM
* when asked if you are stinky, you often say "I'm good". On the other hand, you often are happy to tell me when you need a diaper change and will even go get the diaper and wipes for me
* say "i love you", "ok mommy", "I'm sorry", and "thank you mommy" all the time (or daddy). You are just the sweetest
* don't really care for watching TV. Any time the kids have it on, you get excited, but only last for about 5 minutes. It just doesn't keep you. Even when I let you play on my phone you enjoy watching PBS but switch shows every minute or so. My favorite thing is that you love "Pizza/Movie Night" and get so excited, but once again, the movie doesn't keep you

* love milk and always want your sippy cup full of milk
* are a great sleeper. You go down for naptime and bedtime so easily and well, it's so great. You have been taking one nap a day for quite a while, and are still keeping that up. You take a good 2-3 hour nap every day
* love treats and candy
* enjoy playing with your siblings and daddy
* loves counting and can count to 10 by himself
* love playing outside with the neighbors and your siblings. You especially love playing with Jackson's dad, Jeff. Any time he is out you seem to find a way to escape to go see him. He is so good to play with you and entertain you. It's pretty cute
* enjoy trains, cars, looking through books, and your new roller coaster that you just got
* has started going in the potty. You can't tell when you need to go yet, at least you don't vocalize it, but you are very good at squeezing it out of you when you do sit on the "duck potty". We know you are ready to potty train, but haven't found the time. Soon!
* love your bamboo-muslin blankets
* are finally starting to know your colors. We were worried for awhile that you may be color blind, but it appears that's not the case. You know most of your colors and enjoy telling us what color something is
* like to help mom make dinner. Ok maybe not help me, but like to play right under my feet while I work around you
* love mom and have a special bond with her
* love your Maimi, Poppi, Gramma and Grandpa J
* loves singing and being sung to. His favorite songs are "Twinkle Twinkle", "Frosty the Snowman", "Rainfalls", "The Wise Man", and "Scripture Scout" songs
* knows a few shapes: circle, rectangle, square, oval, star, heart, moon, and diamond

You are one cute little man. Our lives are so much better with you in it!

Memphis' 2nd Birthday


Our sweet Boo has turned 2! Memphis, you have grown up so much this past year, I feel like my baby is no longer a baby.

Memphis, you are so loved. You melt our hearts with your cute personality and loving nature. You currently love stuffed animals (you have Peanut, Bear (your lamb), Owl, Foxy, and now BB-8 and Nemo in your crib) and still love your bamboo-muslin blankets. You love treats, eating, playing with your siblings and daddy, and being with mom (you have a special place for mom). Your favorite books are "Nibbles", "Go Dogs Go", and "All Better". You love trains, cars, and your new roller coaster that you got for your birthday. You are now talking in sentences and are very independent. You can often be found in the cupboard eating all the applesauce pouches that you opened yourself, or on the counter getting whatever it is you want. You are one cute little man. Our lives are so much better with you in it.

We started off our day of celebration by all going to Build-A-Bear (per Jada's request and idea). It ended up being perfect. The kids all loved picking out their own stuff animal, and enjoyed helping stuff them. Jada picked out a big Twilight Sparkle, Tucker got the red dragon from How to Train Your Dragon, and Memphis picked Nemo.

After a fun morning at Build-A-Bear, we headed home for naps. While Memphis took an epic long nap, Lindsey and Kenny joined us. While I baked and decorated the cake, and we waited for Memphis to wake up, Kenny helped Jada and Tucker make an awesome box house out of the big roller coaster box. They were pretty impressed.

When he finally woke up, we sang "Happy Birthday", blew out candles, and enjoyed some cake. When I asked Memphis earlier this week what kind of cake he wanted, he requested a bear cake. But on the day before his birthday, while looking at photos and trying to decide on a design, I found a cute bear cake and asked Memphis if that was the cake he wanted. He looked at it, thought, then said, "Yes", but after looking at the photo for a few more second he said, "actually . . . owl!" It was the cutest thing ever. Never has he used the word actually in his life:) It was the best. So, of course I obliged and made him an owl cake, and he loved it.

Following the birthday cake fun, we took a few "2 year old Birthday Photos" then headed to dinner at Blue Moon pizza.

The birthday boy with his birthday sundae, what a cheese ball

After dinner, Lindsey and Kenny had to go home to take care of Eames, so we parted ways. We headed home and finally had time to opened presents. Memphis really loved all of his gifts, especially his roller coaster, raccoon jammies, and "Nibbles" book.

 I'm so glad you are mine Memphis. Never grow up


Tucker & Annie

Tucker is so blessed to have a best friend. He and Annie have such a sweet connection. They get along so well, are always sweet to each other, and could play together every day. Annie has been a life saver for me. Some days when Tucker is struggling and I need some relief, we invite Annie to come play. His mood immediately changes, and he is a whole new person. It is amazing. We have been having play dates a few times a week and it seems to help Tucker be happy and kind. Annie is an angel. We sure love you Annie. I hope they stay best buds forever.