Christmas Vacation in Michigan

Since we decided to have Christmas at our own home this year, but still wanted to see our family, we decided to drive to Michigan the day after Christmas to see my sister, Tiffani, and her family before they move to Japan for a year, and to see Michael's side of the family. And I am so glad we did. We had a wonderful trip and the kids were overjoyed to see lots of their cousins.

Since we had our van mishap a week before Christmas, we were able to get a rental (a sweet new Chevy Tahoe) and took that to Michigan. We were a bit disappointed with the truck space, poor Tucker, but over all it was fun to drive for a few weeks. The kids were loving the "new car".

Ready to Roll

Starting the drive off right with our traditional road trip breakfast, McDonald's:)

What a disappointment! I saw a sign for "Fabric World" off one of the exits and was so excited (we have one here in ATL and its awesome, but 45 minutes away from my house). It was ridiculous. It was awful. What a waste.

Worst of all, because we already got off the exit, we decided to stop for lunch at a little Mexican Restaurant and boy was it the WORST. Seriously, I have never had worse Mexican food. It was so bad I couldn't even eat it. None of us ate any of our food, it really was THAT bad.

Back on the Road

Our first stop once in Michigan was to see my sister and her family. Her husband works for Toyota and they were asked to move to Japan for a year to work on a project there. It was a really busy time for them (the movers were packing up their stuff the day after we arrived) but we still wanted to see them none-the-less. I am so glad we did. I love this family and will miss them so much! We were only with them for about 24 hours, but it was great.

Mr. B being a goofball:)

After our day with them, we left and went to Troy to be with Michael's side of the family. As we were driving there his sister texted to let us know that her twins had thrown up the night before and weren't feeling well . . . not a good sign. It didn't take long before, just like last time, people started dropping like flies. The poor twins didn't get to see Jada or Tucker until the day before we left. Luckily there were other cousins and Gramma and Grandpa for them to play with. And bed of all, none of our family caught the bug!

During the week we took the kids to see Sing, played games, and just relaxed at Gramma's house.

Luckily on Saturday almost everyone felt well enough to get together. We spent the morning bowling, the afternoon playing, and the evening eating Borscht and celebrating New Years Eve. It was perfect.

 Happy New Year!

 On New Years Day, we packed up and headed home.

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