April Phone Photos

Random April Fun and Happenings

The Luna moth that we found on our tree outside:) Quite a scary/beautiful looking moth!

Our neighbors were moving and decided they couldn't take their kid sized trampoline. Lucky for us, they thought of our family and asked if we wanted it. The kids are SOOO happy! It's the perfect size for them now and they are loving the new entertainment. Thanks Valerie!!! We will miss you and your sweet family.

Drawings by Tucker

More Jada and Bella fun at the park

Napping Tucker:)

Dinner Fun

Tucker is becoming quite the artist. This is one of my current favorites as of late

My little gardening buddies

This little stinker... dad came home right as he was about to go to bed, already had his teeth brushed and all... but Michael couldn't resist his sweet face or his begging dad for some of his meatballs. As Memphis sat on Michael's lap he looked up at me with a big smile and said "I love daddy".

We left for church on Easter Sunday with a yard growing out of control. Our lawn mower is STILL in the shop for the 4th week now. We took it for a tune up, and it's still not done. Anyways, we left for church with a crazy looking yard, and came back to a freshly cut lawn. Our neighbors keep telling us that the Easter bunny brought all of his bunnies and took care of it for us, but I know better. We have such wonderful neighbors and people looking out for us. I felt so loved.

On Easter Sunday I got to watch this little bunny during church 🐰. It made my day! Is she not the cutest thing you haven't seen!?!? Thanks Candice for letting me steal her. She is ADORABLE!!! (And mad props on the outfit. It's the best)

"Mom! It's raining!" -Memphis (apparently he found himself an umbrella made of leaves)

Saying his first prayer all by himself (secretly while everyone else was out of the room)

The other night the kids and I went to The Art Place here in Marietta and got to see a few of my sister, Lindsey's, pieces on display. The kids loved it and we all thought it was awesome. Way to go Lindsey! And congrats on winning "Jurors Choice" 😘. Your work is amazing!

If someone would have told me 20 years ago, when my little brother was into Pokémon and I thought it was ridiculous, that I would one day be buying my children Pokémon PJs and cards I never would have believed them. But here I am . . . And I may actually think they are kind of cute.

Memphis and his "pack pack" full of toys

While dad was away on a business trip in Chicago, the kids and I went out to dinner at Olive Garden. These "tablets" are both a blessing and a curse. But beware, they aren't free.


Easter BBQ

I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends here in Georgia. Holidays can be tough without lots of family close, but having so many friends here makes up for it.

We had a wonderful Easter having a BBQ with some of our friends. The kids were able to do another egg hunt, and event the adults were able to join in on the fun. It really was a fun afternoon.

Memphis and River . . . 2 weeks apart, yet Memphis is an entire head taller:)

Easter Sunday Family Photos

 Easter Sunday
 Thanks to my sweet family, who are such good sports, we got a few great family photos on this beautiful Easter Sunday. I am so grateful for my Savior, and for the knowledge we have that He is Risen, and because He lives, we will live again too. I love my family so much and am so happy they can be mine forever.