March in Review

March has been a busy month. I haven't been very good at journals or documenting our happenings and have been spending lots of time trying to get us all caught up. Because of that, March has flown by and no documenting of the current happenings has taken place except on Instagram and Facebook. So here it is, a quick update via pictures. Instagram and my iPhone save the day!

I got some discounted Barnum and Bailey Circus tickets through a FB Homeschooling group and decided it would be fun to take Tucker and Memphis. I am not going to lie, I can't say I was very impressed. There were a few cool tricks, but all together I just thought it was lame. People dancing around in costumes . . . not exactly what I expected. Tucker was straight faced the entire show but promised me he loved it. As for Memphis, I think he told me there was a clown about 1,738,638 times and fell asleep about 15 minutes shy of the end... making the trip back to the car quite fun and exhausting. He did do better than expected and loved the poodles. All in all, I'd call it a success.

When you are stuck in a big line of cars and Tucker is about to wet his pants . . .

"I love baby Greta" - Memphis

Meet Hamburger. Memphis got a new stuffed animal owl (his favorite animal). When I asked him what her name was he immediately said "Hamburger"! I thought it must have just been something he was thinking about or saw while driving and assumed he wouldn't remember, but when he woke up from his nap he made sure "Hamburger come to!"

"I'm NOT tired Mom!"

National Pancake Day!
Enjoying free pancakes at IHOP

Jada has a dermatology appointment in Buckhead at the beginning of the month. We had quite the adventure driving during rush hour and waiting inside this tiny room with all 3 kids. Luckily the dermatologist was awesome AND she said everything looked great. She was so great with the kids and let them all have a ride in the chair:)


 To top off the afternoon, we stopped by Michael's office for a surprise visit! This was the kids and my first time ever seeing his office. It was fun to meet some of his coworkers and to finally see where dad works! The kids LOVED it.

On our way home, we stopped by Moxie Burger and had the best dinner. It was a beautiful day and the kids loved playing outside with new friends and toys while we ate and relaxed. It was awesome.

The other morning when I went into Memphis' room to get him out of his crib, I found him like this... singing songs to his "peanut" and "bear". As soon as I walked in he said "Shhhh! They sleepin'. I singin' to them". Oh this kid, he melts my heart on a regular basis. I'm so grateful for him and his tenderness.

Jada and I are so blessed to have some wonderful friends. Bella is one of Jada's best friends. She lives in our neighborhood and the two of them enjoy frequent play dates. The other day Bella's sweet mom and my friend, Diana, texted me and asked if she could pick Jada up from the bus stop for me and take her and Bella out for some ice cream. How could I say no?! Jada was spoiled. I am so grateful for wonderful friends and neighbors. Thank you Diana Dowling for all your thoughtfulness and kindness and thanks for the pictures!

Tucker insisted on making us lunch a few Sundays ago all on his own. Quite the spread!

One of March's house projects. I bought this chandelier a month or so ago, and was a bit worried about switching the light fixtures (I've never done anything like that before). But luckily my dad taught Michael how to do it when he was finishing our basement. So a few weeks ago, we worked together and made the switch. I LOVE it. It may be a little fancy, but it's me and I totally love it. Memphis keeps saying "It's beautiful" and "I love it". It's the best!  I am so grateful for my sweet husband who makes my dreams come true.

Selfies by Memphis

There is something sweet about finding your child reading to themselves. I'm so glad our children have inherited Michael's love of books.

Goofy Kids

Before we bought our home Michael and I had a pretty good schedule going. I was working out regularly and had the day to day figured out. As soon as we moved, I lost it. I quit working out (for various reasons) and life just seemed hectic. I couldn't quite get in a rhythm and I wasn't sure why. It took a few months, but it came back. And I'm happy to say that on March 14th, for the first time since our move, I went back to the gym. I bought myself a gym pass and went to the gym that morning and it felt great. It felt so good to feel like myself again. Here's to keeping up the motivation! 3 weeks in and going strong.

Drawings by Tucker:) I believe this is Batman

The result of singing in your bed for over an hour and refusing to nap. Lots of hitting, whining, and tears that eventually lead to passing out at in a random location. It's been a long day.

Nothing like some green Krispy Kreme donuts on St. Patrick's Day! Totally worth the 40 minute wait in line . . . though next year I think I will be a bit wiser and go at a different time.

After hitting the gym St. Patty's morning and getting some donuts, we met some friends for some fun at Champion Kids. I was surprised how much the kids loved it, Memphis included.

My parent received their mission call! They will be serving a 23 month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Philippines Quezon City Mission. They will serve in the Philippines Information and Communication Services Office as technology specialists. We are so excited for them! 

It's finally warm enough for a little water fun. Watch out! He's coming for you!

 On the 21st, I was able to go to Atlanta Temple with the boys. It has been too long. The boys had fun playing with friends while some other mothers and I rotated watching each other's children while the others went inside. It was some much needed peace. I'm so grateful to have a temple so close to us! The boys loving seeing the temple and walking around it's beautiful grounds on this gorgeous day! Hello Spring!

The Tucker cousins came to visit us during their spring break. Memphis loved having his cousins here! What a lucky guy. Watching a movie with the ladies (Ok there are a few boys too, but he picked the spot on the couch with the girls)

X-Drenaline fun! The kids get spoiled when family is in town!

Group photo! We are so happy to have our cousins here!!!

Tucker found his dream car while we were out to dinner with the cousins and Lindsey & Kenny in midtown near Bar Taco. One day buddy!

On the 23rd, we joined the homeschooling group, and neighbor Jackson, again on a "tour" of the Chamberlain Chocolate Factory. (Thanks Rebecca Dodd for hooking us up) The boys got to learn about different kinds of chocolate, how it's made, and best of all, got to make some chocolate goodies of their own. We made chocolate suckers, a chocolate pizza, chocolate dipped Oreos with sprinkles, and got to try all the different kids of chocolate. It was pretty awesome! Not at all what I expected, but fun none-the-less.


On the night of the 24th we went to Murdock Elementary's "Leader In Me" night. Jada was so excited to show us (especially dad) her binder with everything she has been working on and to give her speaking part in their little program. She did awesome. We are so proud of our Jada Bug and all that she has learned this year. Her teachers always compliment us on how well behaved she is and on her tender heart and helping personality. We love our sweet Jada Bug!

The classroom "penny strip" holders. Jada is always excited to tell us about the penny strips she earns each day and the prizes she gets to buy on Fridays. Whoever thought of the "treasure box" was a genius!

I found lice in Jada's hair the night after her "Leader In Me" night. So, our plans for that day changed. We went to Head Hunters to get supplies, treated her head, then ran a few errands, including Costco. By the end of our Costco trip the kids were dying of hunger. So, I got them some pizza to enjoy on our drive home . . . hence the big mess. Could have been worse.

That night for dinner we had a vegetable smorgasbord. Jada chose to just eat an entire cucumber. Impressive.

Taking a break from dancing to enjoy some popsicles at the Murdock Family Dance Night.

Working out with Daddy

This month has been crazy in the birthday party department. I think between all the kids we attended 6 birthday parties! That's so many in one months. I felt like every weekend was spent attending parties. While it was fun, I am grateful for a little break:)

Speaking of birthday parties . . . my favorite one was this one. Maybe because the entire family got to go and we got to meet Moana!!! Thanks for all the fun and entertainment Courtney Foye, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISLA!!!

Painting Necklaces for themselves

Making "Oceans in a Bottle". So cool!

Hard at work helping the kids make some boat to float and race in the water. What a champ!

Memphis is so proud of his boat that dad helped him make! He couldn't stop smiling as he trotted around throwing it in the water.

Another proud boat maker! 3 for 3 dad! Well done. Three happy kiddos!

Boat racing! I think Jada won the prize for best boat

Having some morning fun with little squishy balls. Haha. I don't know what they are called.

Selfies by Tucker

Church last Sunday on the Jensen's row

One of my friends, Courtney, and her family are moving to Alaska for awhile. She is the nurse that helped me deliver sweet Memphis. Some of my friends and I had a fun little party for her to say goodbye. We will miss you Courtney! Thanks for the fun night and memories ladies!

Looks Comfy. Since Tucker isn't napping anymore, I tend to find him passing out in all sorts of places at least twice a week. Poor kid.

And that's a wrap . . . tune in for more adventures to follow

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