Spring Break & Chattanooga

Our spring break this year, didn't quite go as planned, but we managed to have a few days of family fun. Michael took off Thursday and Friday and we made the most of our extended weekend.

On Thursday, we spent the day going to play at the mall, running a few errands (including Costco), going out to lunch at Chuy's (a family favorite), taking naps, then going to Star's and Strikes for some arcades. The kids loved being with dad all day. It was a success.

On Friday morning, Michael and I attended the funeral and luncheon of his old boss, Bill. He died so unexpectedly, leaving his family and friends in shock. It is so sad. Our heart goes out to his wife and daughter. It was an emotional morning for us, but it was nice to see old friends and to celebrate Bill's life. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have that we will live again. One day his wife and daughter will see him again, and so will we. He was a wonderful man.

That afternoon, we packed up and headed to Chattanooga. Since we got in later than expected, we went straight to Mr. T's for some pizza and ice cream (we also tried out Clumpy's across the street to compare). I won't lie, I was not impressed by Mr. T's. The pizza was alright. The ice cream was probably the best thing, but even that was just ice cream to me. Nothing to write home about. Clumpy's was a little better, but I felt the same way. Not a MUST DO.

After finishing our dessert, we headed to our hotel for some swimming and movie watching.

I am not going to lie, it was one LONG night. I had this fantasy in my head that we would all get in bed, watch a movie together, the kids would fall asleep, and we would all have a wonderful time. None of that happened. 10:30PM rolled around and all the kids were still wide awake. Memphis was hopping all over the room, and I was exhausted and sad that my plan wasn't going as planned.

We turned off the TV and put everyone to bed. A few hours later Memphis woke up crying. To try and keep him from waking up the others, I brought him into our bed to sleep with us. But that didn't go as I envisioned either. He wouldn't stop talking to me, then when he FINALLY fell asleep, Michael was practically off the bed, and I was in a corner. We spent the rest of the night trying not to wake him. Michael and I barely slept all night.

Morning came too soon. Memphis woke up first of course, so Michael took him into the bathroom in hopes of keeping the other two asleep. By 7, all the kids were up and ready to go.

I woke up, we got our shoes on, and headed to breakfast downstairs. The kids were pretty excited about every aspect of our stay. They loved picking out what to eat.

After breakfast, we all got dressed, packed up, and started on our adventures. Our first stop was Ruby Falls. It took us about 45 minutes to get into the caves to start out hiking, but that was nothing compared to the line we saw on our way out. Those poor people were in for at LEAST a two and a half hour wait just to get into the elevator going down.

The hike was a bit long for the kids. Not the distance, that wasn't bad, but because of all the groups and people, we had to stop and wait quite a few times in the caves. The kids got bored pretty quickly. But once we made it to the falls, they were happy and ready to continue on. The hike back took us 1/3 of the time. Poor Memphis lost his steam about 10 minutes shy of the end. Michael was a trooper and held him while he slept . . . for the next hour.

After playing on the Ruby Falls playground, we headed to the Maple Street Biscuit Company for some lunch. Once again, it didn't disappoint:) The kids loved with biscuits and jam!

After some food and a little rest, we headed to the Children's Discovery Museum. The kids LOVED it. It was perfect for all of them. They had fun things for children of all ages. Tucker and Jada went with Michael to do some "older kid" stuff, while Memphis and I played around in the water area for awhile before heading to the toddler area to play. He loved all the slides that they had all around the place. It was great. It was fun to watch all the kids so excited and happy. It was a great end to our vacation in Chattanooga.

After the museum, we got back in the car and headed home. Michael and I were running on fumes at this point and ready for a good nights sleep:)

Until next time Chattanooga!

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