The Bunny Fun

Our family's Easter bunny comes to our house on Friday night. So Saturday is usually a busy and fun day doing all the Easter festivities, leaving Sunday for us to focus on Jesus and family.

The kids were so excited to find their baskets and the eggs that the bunny hid. Jada woke up at 3:30AM asking if she could start looking for her basket. Crazy lady. Obviously we had her go back to bed, but I am almost 100 percent certain she never went back to sleep. She was just too excited.

Needless to say, our morning started pretty early. The kids all woke up in a buzz, excited to find their surprises. Memphis found his first, hidden in the cupboard he likes to hide in. Jada was second, finding hers in the bathroom in the bin that we keep the extra toilet paper. Silly bunny left toilet paper all over the bathroom floor. Tucker had the hardest time, but with a little help, found his hidden behind out closet door.

The kids were all stoked about all their fun things. Memphis of course, ate and ate all the candy he could find in the basket (luckily the bunny was wise and only gave the kids a few treats in the baskets themselves). Jada and Tucker enjoyed looking at their books first, and then checking out their other fun things. They were both super excited to finally get the pajamas that Tucker and I picked out for them a few weeks ago . . . Mom was sneaky and left a note for the Easter bunny to put them in their baskets for me. Tucker got new Pokemon pajamas, and Jada got Shopkins:)

After checking out everything in our baskets, we got dressed, and headed outside to find the eggs that were hidden out there. Jada and Tucker did a great job giving Memphis time to find and get lots of eggs. They all had a great time running all over collecting.

All of the kids got fun colored bubbles in their baskets (thanks for our wonderful friend Charmaine), so after an Easter cereal breakfast (dyed eggs included), we headed outside to blow some bubbles and have some fun. The kids were pretty excited about the fun colored bubbled!

The rest of the day was full of fun too. We went to a friends birthday party, spent lots of time outside, and played, played, played. It was perfect. (Minus Memphis eating straight sugar ALL DAY LONG) HAHA

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