Fun with Maimi and Poppi

My parents took such good care of the kids while we were away. One Wednesday, Jada had a parents breakfast and a special program at school. My parents were great sports and took our place. Jada was so excited to have them there and so excited to show her brothers everything that she has been working on this year.

Maimi and Poppi spoiled the kids. They were so excited to go out to Chick-fil-A AND get kids meals. A real rarity around here:) (the kids meals that is)

To top off their fun while we were away, cousins came to visit! My brother, Rhet, and his family came to join in on the fun. They spent a few days at our house playing with the kids and enjoying a few last days with Maimi and Poppi before their go on a mission for a few years. The kids were in heaven.

We love you so much Maimi and Poppi! We are sure going to miss you!

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