The Last Day of School 2017

Jada has been so excited for the last day of school for a few weeks now. She and her class had been counting down the days. While she has LOVED first grade, I think her teachers got her very excited for 1st grade, and she can't wait for the future.

Jada has grown so much this past year. She was so excited to go to Kindergarten, and that never changed. Every day she woke up excited to catch the bus and to spend the day learning and playing. Jada especially loved her sweet teacher Ms Cochran, and her teacher assistants, Mrs. Pepe and Mrs. Douglas. She made lots of wonderful friends, who will hopefully stay her great friends as the years go on.

We are so grateful for her amazing teachers who challenged her and helped her learn and grown so much. She went into Kindergarten knowing almost everything they planned to teach that year, but her teachers always made sure she wasn't bored and was continuing to learn and grow. Jada loves math, and her teachers had a special center for her. One of her favorite things to do is to have Michael write math problems for her to solve. Michael even started teaching her times tables and she loves it! While she is also a great reader, and loves reading, she loves math the most. She told us she wanted to be a math teacher when she grows up:)

To top it off, at the beginning of May, Jada was tested for the gifted/Target program that Murdock offers and did awesome. She was offered the chance to join the program and was so excited to say yes. She really wanted to get into Target and is so excited she did. We are so proud of you Jada! You always try your best and that's what its all about.

A few photos of Jada and her budd, Bella, on the last day of school:

Tucker also had his last day of Preschool recently too. He has loved his once-a-week Preschool with his buddies. He loves that he is getting older which means he gets to do all the things that he watched Jada do for the past few years.

For the last day of school, we had a fun party and lunch in the park. It was perfect. The kids enjoyed some pizza, fruit, and cupcakes, and played until their were drenched in sweat (sounds like forever, but its Georgia, that doesn't take too long:))

He loves learning, doing crafts, playing with this friends, drawing pictures, and most of all, being with Annie:) Tucker and Annie have a special friendship that really makes all of our lives better. When he is struggling, she helps calm him down and make him happy. They play so well together and never fight. She really has been a life saver for me this year. I count her and one of my huge blessings in life. I honestly believe that Heavenly Father gave Tucker (and us) Annie as a friend to help us through these rough years with him.

Hard times aside, Tucker has been learning and growing like crazy. He knows all his letters and the sounds they make, and has started reading smaller words. He loves playing with his big sister, and since Jada has been in Kindergarten, has turned into Memphis's best bud. They usually play really well together and love being together. I hope their relationship continues to grow and they remain close. (Sorry that most of that was no school related . . . but hey, he is in Preschool:))

 They are growing up too fast! I know summer is just going to fly by!

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