June in Review

At the beginning of this month, my friends and I all joined forced and bought our good friend, Brittany, a plane ticket to come visit us in Atlanta. We spent 3 days packing in as much fun and memories as possible. It was awesome!

Dinners, pool parties, massages, hot tubs, haircuts and lots of laughs. It was just what we needed. We are so grateful Brittany could come! Thanks for all the fun ladies! It was a blast. Until next time!

Michael spend a day in Memphis this month, and brought us all back Memphis shirts. Memphis liked mine the best:)

We have spent every morning at the pool watching Jada and Tucker practice for swim team. Memphis is the best. He is such a good sport. On this particular day, he was enjoying his shirt we got him from San Francisco:)

"Look Mom! I'm fancy!"

Kids being kids. "Camping" in the backyard

Michael thought their fake camp out meant they needed a real one:) What a good dad

Oh Tucker

Jada's idea of fun. Organizing the Magna Tiles

I spy with my little eye . . . our first strawberry!

The newest addition to the Jensen household . . . a PLAYSET!

Watching Cars 3 at the best theater around, Phipps!


More tantrums = more random naps in odd places

Family lunch at Red Robin. YUMMM!

Some friends of ours are moving to North Carolina and needed to get rid of an entire bedroom of furniture and decor. Jada became the lucky recipient. She moved into her own room (the boys now share), got almost all new furniture, AND had a bedroom makeover. She is one happy girl!

These past few months have been rough. I'm not sure why, but we have had A LOT of fighting and back talking going on between these three. But, a few weeks ago the kids did awesome. Very minimal fighting, playing happily together for hours and hours, very little talking back, and helpful obedient children. It was dreamy. So today, we are celebrating with some Baskin Robbins! I thought I should document this for myself. It is possible!

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