May in Review

At the beginning of May, Jada had a Kindergarten Art Show and Performance night at school. She did an awesome job singing all of her songs, and was so excited for all of us to be there. She was also very excited to show us the watercolor she did in art class. They sent home flyers asking for people to buy them in advance, but I had no idea what "art" she had and if I even wanted it. So I never paid. But, when I saw she adorable butterfly, how could I resist!?

All in all it was a crazy but fun time. So many people in such a small space, but pretty adorable!

Michael and I were able to spend a fun evening with some friends of ours, the Phillips, enjoying the new Braves stadium! They hooked us up with some amazing tickets. It was so fun to have a night out with friends, enjoy some good food, and seeing some fireworks! The stadium is amazing! Thanks Trevor and Katelyn for the awesome night!

Running back from hooking the mailman up with some soda and chips:) One of the kids favorite things to do.

Memphis was having a great time "riding the horsey" HAHA

 Family pizza picnic in the park. Fun family memories!

Father/Sons Camp out for the boys! Michael was so happy when they postponed the camp out due to weather. It was supposed to be the weekend we were in San Francisco, but luckily, it was moved to the week after. The boys were all so excited! They had the time of their lives camping and having fun with dad.

While the boys camped, the girls partied. Jada chose to go out to dinner, get ice cream, then watch a movie together. She requested some mexican (we tried out Tin Lizzy's), Menchies, and then watching "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" and falling asleep with mom in my bed. It was a fun night (even despite the fact that Jada couldn't stop staring at the TVs in the restaurant and barely spoke to me). We loved spending time together.

 When moms away, the kids and dad play.

While dad and the kids let me sleep in on Saturday, they all went and got donuts together. They ate a few in the park, then brought some home for me to enjoy too!

 Camping in the backyard with Dad.

 My Boys!

 My great cleaner and his little buddy

Working on our chopstick stills

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